If you are looking for entertaining songs for your kids, don’t forget Youtube. Kids songs are a great way to get kids moving, singing, and dancing their way to healthier, smarter selves. We’ve found the best youtube kids songs for you, they’re so fun, you’ll find yourself humming them in the grocery aisle.

Kids love music. They love listening to it, they love dancing to it, and the love to sing along. However, if used well, music is much more than just an enjoyable past time. Music can be a powerful educational tool to help you teach your children about almost every topic imaginable. But when searching for music, what YouTube kids songs should you choose?

From building relationships to the basics of mathematics, there’s a song out there that can help your kids learn. Best of all, YouTube has a lot of educational songs available for free. Here are ten fun and educational YouTube kids songs you should play.

10 YouTube Kids Songs You Will Also Sing Along

1. The Feelings Song

This softer toned song is perfect for helping kids learn about feelings and how they can change from one moment to the next. It also teaches kids that other people might be feeling emotions different from what they’re feeling and that it’s okay.

This song is ideal for helping kids wind down as it’s slightly softer and slower paced.

2. Days of the Week Song

The Days of the Week Song is perfect for helping kids memorize the names of all seven days. The song is interactive and asks kids to get active in singing soft and loud, stomping and clapping.

It’s one of the shorter YouTube kids songs which makes it perfect for excited kids who need to change their activity quickly. The interactive element makes it excellent for children who need a chance to shake out the wiggles.

3. Phonics Song

The Phonics Song is perfect for helping your kids learn the alphabet and the accompanying video will teach your children a word in sign language for each letter of the alphabet. This video is one of the simplest yet most educational YouTube kids songs as it teaches the letters, their sounds, and twenty-six words in American Sign Language.

Kids will love the simple lyrics, the catchy tune, and the joy of learning.

4. The Animal Sounds Song

The Animal Song is fun, simple, and filled with all the typical animal sounds. Your child will love listening to it and making all the silly noises of the animal kingdom while they learn. It’s a catchy tune with softer notes filled with cheer.

It is a fantastic song for younger kids and toddlers, and you just might find yourself humming along as well.

5. How’s the Weather Song

Maple Leaf Learning provides an adorable rendition of the How’s the Weather Song starring a cute moose and a little boy puppet. The lyrics are incredibly simple making it spectacular for young listeners to learn the words and sing along, and the tune is catchy.

The song teaches children about the different types of weather, mainly sunny, rainy, cloudy, and snowy. YouTube kids songs like this one are best for younger audiences, but they can be entertaining for everyone.

6. Colorful Fruits

This catchy wacky song teaches kids the names of common fruits and their colors. YouTube kids songs like this one are fabulous for teaching your little ones about two topics at once. Your children will love to sing and dance along as they learn about fruits and their most common colors. Watching the video along with the music will help reinforce the concepts taught in the song with the fun, vivid animation.

The song lyrics are easy to learn and sung clearly for maximum understanding. Also, the tune provides a vibrant party atmosphere for your children to learn and play along.

7. Put on Your Shoes

Put on Your Shoes is a fun song that teaches kids about the clothes they need to go play outside in chilly weather. It goes over your shoes, jacket, scarf, and hat.

It is written for younger children, so the lyrics are simple, and the animation that goes along with the music is cute and fun. Kids will love singing along as they get dressed for outside play time.

8. Body

Body by Pinkfong is a variation of the traditional Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes with a catchy electronic backbeat and a vivid animation to go along with it. Kids will love the lively music while they learn about where their head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose are.

They’ve taken a traditional pre-school song and turned it into an energetic dance song for your children. At just over a minute long, it’s perfect for younger children with a lot of energy and short attention spans.

9. Transportation Song

The Transportation Song is a fun way to teach your kids about several different modes of transportation. From bikes to rockets, this cheerful song covers a lot of the most recognizable forms of getting around. It’s a cute tune kids can get into, and the lyrics are simple to remember.

It’s the perfect song for pre-school and kindergarten aged children as it helps kids memorize the names of different kinds of transportation. The animation that goes with the song is a lot of fun and tells a cute story your kids will enjoy watching and listening to.

10. The Ants Go Marching

Super Simple Song’s version of The Ants Go Marching is an adorable take on a classic counting song. Kids will learn to count as they get to know these little ants who just want to get out of the rain.

The tune and lyrics are nostalgically familiar but the animation kicks this version out of the park.

To the Chorus

Music can be a powerful learning tool for developing little minds. We hope you and your little ones love singing and learning along to these fantastic YouTube kids songs.

Do you know of another educational song on YouTube for kids? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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