If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where it snows, these winter outdoor activities for kids are a blast. Nothing beats playing in the snow for hours before heading back in the house for a hot cocoa. Children love snowball fights, sledding, and building snowmen. Enjoy a safe snow day with these tips.


Winter Outdoor Activities for Kids require equipment

Whether you have a toboggan, a saucer, or a tube, sledding can mean hours of fun. All you need is a hill, and your kids will be having the time of their lives. It’s always a struggle to make them understand playtime is over, but the fun can start over again the next day. Sledding doesn’t require any special equipment, especially if the kids are sledding down a smooth hill.

However, parents will want to make sure the kids are bundled up in layers. The freezing temperatures are bound to take your children by surprise, and they might not even realize that their toes are freezing. To avoid this, use layers to help your kids stay warm. Go for waterproof snow boots that will keep humidity at bay and trap in warmth. Gloves and hats are also essential.


To make sure your children enjoy safe sledding, keep an eye out for the slopes you choose. You’ll want to stay away from the ice-covered hills and choose snow-covered slopes instead. These should not be surrounded or sprinkled with trees, rocks, or fences, and they should be well away from traffic.

Some sleds have steering mechanisms that help children to stay in control. Snow disks that have to be steered by dragging the feet are more dangerous. One more thing that can be dangerous is kids lying on the sled on their stomach rather than upright.

Ice Skating

Winter Outdoor Activities for Kids includes skating

Not only suitable for the pros, ice skating is one of the fun outdoor activities for kids that is also enjoyed by adults. If your kid already knows how to roller skate, they will have an easier time picking up ice skating. However, even if they are starting from scratch, they are bound to have a blast. Young children might welcome the chance of a lesson that could spark an interest in figure skating, speed skating, or even hockey.


If you decide to teach your kid how to ice skate, you will want to make sure you are pretty good yourself. Equip beginners with a helmet and lend them a hand. Have patience if the child doesn’t get it right from the first time. Practice makes perfect, and if they start enjoying the sport, they will be acing it in no time.

Another safety tip for ice skating is staying away from thin ice that can easily break under the weight of the skater. This is the biggest risk in ice skating that can lead to falling into the water, causing hypothermia. To avoid this, only take your kids to safe ice skating rinks, lakes, or ponds that have been determined to be strong enough to withstand skaters.

Advise your kids never to skate alone. If they suffer an injury or break through the ice, their friends should be able to call for help. Likewise, tell your children it’s best to follow the direction of the crowd when skating rather than dart across the rink.


One of the best Winter Outdoor Activities for Kids is skiing

If you have been on the slopes recently, you know skiers are now as young as 2 or 3 years old. While it’s a fun activity, some parents prefer to wait until the kid turns 5. This is the age when they;re coordination is better and they are less afraid to fall.

No matter what age your kid is, there are beginner slopes that are perfect for hours of fun. It’s always a good idea to have an instructor for your kids that can teach them the correct basic moves. Once the kids get the hang of it, the entire family can ski together.


The first step to ensure your kids’ safety when skiing is renting or purchasing the right equipment. Gear that is too big might make it difficult for the child to steer and keep direction. Pay attention to the boots, bindings, and skis.

Your kid should also wear a helmet. This can also be purchased or rented. It should be especially made for skiing in order to provide room for goggles. Before sending your kid to the first skiing lesson, remind them never to stop in the middle of the slope, but rather on the edges. Advise them to keep an eye out for other skiers and to stay in the designated areas.


Winter Outdoor Activities for Kids and Safety Rules

Just like skiing, kids can start snowboarding from a very young age. However, parents are advised not to allow children to try out snowboarding until they are at least 6 or 7 years old. A favorite among teenagers, especially boys, snowboarding is considered to be easier to pick up than skiing. Some parents who are passionate about this sport choose to teach their children the ropes on their own. If you decide to do his instead of paying for a professional instructor, keep in mind you shouldn’t neglect proper equipment.

Snowboarding is one of the best outdoor activities for kids, and it can promote a healthy lifestyle. If your kid really enjoys the sport, they will pick up tricks along the way and might even request additional lessons to perfect their technique.


This winter sport is not without risks. Proper equipment will keep your kid safe. The gear should include a helmet, goggles, knee and hip pads, wrist guards, gloves, and snowboard boots. Children should be supervised by an adult at all times.

This is one of the outdoor activities for kids that will exhaust them in a couple of hours. As a result, parents have the responsibility to call time outs. When the child is too tired, they are bound to lose control of the snowboard and injure themselves. Make sure the kids have snacks and water and that they take breaks to rest.

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