In today’s world, tying and computer literacy skills are almost as important as reading. “Digital literacy” is already among the most important skills your child will have in their adult life. While typing games for kids may seem simple, they are a great tool to prepare your child for the future.

Furthermore, it is close to impossible, in the current setting of the school system, for a kid to really do well in school without learning to use the computer and internet research extensively, both of which heavily rely on being able to type fast. This is why many things (like your children’s future careers) depend on how good they can become at typing, in order for them to attain their full potential in school. But not to worry: learning this skill has never been easier since typing games for kids have come into play.

children typing

Of course, some schools in the U.S. use official keyboarding software as a learning aid. This allows children and students to continue to practice typing at their home keyboard, under the supervision of their parents, provided that they have the authentication data (account and password). But still, useful as this may be, many teachers and learning experts argue that is still isn’t as efficient as playing typing games since the fun factor helps people relax and thus learn the skill and absorb the information better and easier. Practice is the best bet for a typing beginner, and if you’re getting that by playing cool typing games for kids, then you can go on for hours and then perform wonderfully at any speed test.

The Best Typing Games for Kids

First of all, let’s get into some technical details so you can see what type of performance you should be aiming for. For adults, a good typing speed, suitable for office jobs and computer use is considered to be an average of 50 words per minute or better. A professional typist, for example, takes this up to 70 words per minute. But how about children, you may ask: how fast should a kid type? For kids of primary school, teachers grade their typing performance as follows: 15 words per minute are considered normal and expected in the 3rd grade, 25 words per minute in the 4th grade, 30 words per minute in the 5th grade and 35 to 40 words per minute in the 6th grade.

arachnid falls typing game

The hugely popular Arachnid Falls typing game

You can help your child attain these standards by encouraging them to play something chosen from the wide range of free online typing games for kids available on the internet. Here are our top picks:

The whole Spongebob typing games series:

The popular cartoon character is featured in several different typing games designed to improve children’s keyboarding performance. You can find some to play directly online, and some can also be downloaded for use on iPad or another mobile device (only that in this case, the games require the purchase before download).

Arachnid Falls:

This is another game which has been hugely popular for several years with children (and adults) trying to improve for typing. The purpose of the game is to escape the spiders that swing down from their webs, and the only way to keep those spiders at bay is to correctly type the key which the game asks for, in due time. The game is interactive, fast-paced (but not frustratingly so) and immensely fun. You can play it online here for free.

typing factory game screen capture

Screen from the Typing Factory game

The Typing Factory series of games:

This is a set of four games sharing the same factory theme, where typing requests come in steadily and the player needs to deliver them before the time runs out. There’s a home key practice game for learning a few basic keys and getting more comfortable with their use, and a home key mastery game where this acquired knowledge gets exercised. Then, there’s the All Keys Practice game where the players get more comfortable with the use of the entire keyboard, and the All Keys Mastery game where all you’ve learned is finally put to good use. You can play all 4 of them online here.

Spacebar Invaders:

Another cute typing game is this spin on the classic Alien Invasion games. The point of the game is to escape the approaching space crafts by managing to complete the required typing as fast as possible. You can find and play the game for free here.

Typing Games for

You can find a huge collection of typing games for kids at directly – it’s widely known and used in the parents-teachers community. Some parents were used to the extension or write the address as typing games for, but these sites don’t exist or aren’t available anymore, so make sure you follow this exact link above in order to find the games resource page you’re looking for.

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