Looking for cool math games for kids? Whether your kid is a math whiz or really struggling, adding some fun helps kids improve academic skills. Engaging and interactive games can provide a new way to look at math problems, making them easier to understand. They can also entice kids to practice their skills more often.

If you’re thinking of helping your child get further in their education, you can add homeschooling programs that reinforce lessons learned at school. Alternatively, many children struggle to understand and use math concepts. Some extra help at home would not go amiss.

Math Games for Kids Reinforce Skills in a Rewarding Way

Whether your kid is a math genius or barely making Ds, you may want to director to your kid’s attention a few math games for kids. After all, who isn’t interested in playing games? And you’ll probably be delighted to know that there are quite a few games out there which can really strengthen your child’s mathematical prowess.

After all, if he can do math, he can do just about anything: from becoming a rocket scientist to becoming an astronaut. Math is often the key to many kid’s dream job in adulthood. So, to this very extent, we here at Superkidz.com have thought that we should provide a list of the best math games for kids to help them master this important subject.

The apps presented here are all super fun, super smart, as and super educational! So, let’s start with the basics: an app for teaching toddlers how to write their numbers. Keep in mind that number 5 is included to satisfy younger kids. Because there are just not many cool math games for kids under the age of 6.

5. 123 Tracing, by Kids Academy

"123 tracing cool math games kids kid game"

123 Tracing is a probably one of the most useful math games for kids. Now that that’s out of the way, the graphics of the 123 Tracing game are, well, not that amazing. The game does look way better than the most of the rabble of math games for kids that are out there on the internet.

The basic principle of this game? Teaching kids how to correctly draw their favorite numbers. It has all the basics: it goes from 1 to 2, 3, 4, 5, and up to 10. You may wonder why you’d need something like that when the kid will be doing the same thing at school? The answer: As I’m sure you know, is that practice makes perfect.

And furthermore, this cannot be stressed enough when it comes to kids. So, if you want your kid to appropriately learn his numbers, get this app on his favorite device be it an iPad, iPhone, or an Android Tablet.

The game costs about $5 and is available via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

4. MathBoard

"cool math games kids kid game MathBoard"

Definitely one of the coolest math games for kids that are available. Its concept is simple: you get a blackboard and you get quizzes. Already, this is far more advanced than the previous cool math game. Here’s how the game works:

The screen splits in two parts, just like you would a foldable blackboard. To your left you have the equation you need to complete. To your right you can bring up another board where you can complete the addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division in the old fashioned manner – step by step.

After you’ve completed the operation to your right, you can go ahead and choose the appropriate answer from a list of options to your left. Pretty basic but very effective at the same time. Another nice feature of this cool math game for kids is that you can choose different colors of chalks to write with.

The MathBoard game is available on all the app stores for the small sum of about $6.

3. Mr Thorne’s Times Table Terra

"cool math games kids kid game mr thornes times table terra"

Mr Thorne’s Times Table Terra is a really, really fun way to have your kids learn the times table in an easy, fun, and interactive way. Plus, you get to have some cool add-ons, which make math something external to the game world and not the other way around. This, naturally, makes the game all that more entertaining.

In fact, it’s entertaining enough that an adult could play it without feeling bored. The basic principle is that you have to complete multiplication and other basic operations. The more you complete, the more of a star lord you become. Literally.

With every equation that your kid completes, he will get one planet, or the possibility to build space stations close to that planet. This game is awesome because it not only teaches your kid basic math, it also sparks his interest in astronomy.

The Times Table Terra game, as well as its expansions, are available only for Apple users for the price of about $3 each.

2. Let’s Do Mental Maths

"let's do mental maths cool math games kids kid game"

Oh! It’s time for the game with the cute little dog that wears shoes and the professor that looks like a mad scientist. Let’s Do Mental Maths is a cute, quiz-based game that can be really, really entertaining for your kids. Why? Because of how wacky it looks!

There are six versions of this app: for ages 5-6, 6-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10, and the ultimate: 10-11. Its main menu is divided into three sections: the starter questions, the progress test, and the practice test. You can pick whichever you like, or you can give your kid the freedom to pick for himself.

Each question has multiple answers, and your kid can also get help from the funny-looking dog wearing shoes. You can tell that he’s a smart dog because of this. Most questions are pretty basic, though be sure to customize your settings and choose your area accordingly, as the default version has UK currency, which may confuse your kid.

The Let’s Do Mental Maths app is available for users of Apple devices for the sum of about $4.

1. Operation Math

"operation math cool math games kids kid game"

Operation Math is by far the best math game for kids. Why? Well, because your kids get to do a little bit of role-playing. And if we know anything, it’s that role-playing and math really do go extremely well together, and kids learn all the more quickly.

Operation Math is an espionage game. Your kid will take up the role of special agent Prime. In this narrative, he or she will get to battle against Doctor Odd and his evil plan to eliminate all odd numbers from the Earth. The game itself consists of the agent going through locked doors and solving basic math operations to unlock these doors.

If only real spy work would be this easy!

This game is available for purchase for iPad, iPhone, and all Android devices and costs about $4.


These are the best cool math games for kids. We hope you’ve liked our list and that after looking through it, your kid will be well on his way to becoming a leading scientist! After all, most brilliant minds in the world didn’t get their inspiration from school, but from anything and everything else they did outside of it.

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