Throwing a party for your child is a lot of fun, but it’s also exhausting. One way to make it easier is to pick from your kid’s favorite themes for parties. Whether it’s fairytales or superheroes, having a theme can cut down on most of the guesswork when it comes to party planning for your child’s big birthday blowout.

Best Kids’ Themes for Parties

To throw the perfect birthday party for your child is not an easy task, but you will be motivated for sure by their happy face when they see the final results. Depending on your budget, you can either throw a big impressive and complex party, or you can even go over the top and rent costumes and props.

Outdoor Party Themes for Kids

Children have a lot of energy, especially at younger ages. They also have the need to discover things and explore the world around them. This is why the idea of an outdoor party theme is great for your kids. Furthermore, being outside gives them more space to move around and play, engaging in plenty of interesting activities.

You can even organize a boot camp party theme or a scouts party out in the wilderness. This way, the birthday party will be both fun and educational. The kids could learn how to become more independent and take better care of themselves, as well as learning responsibility and teamwork.

Museum Birthday Party

Another party theme that can mix fun with learning activities is one organized at a museum. For example, you can take the kids to a Natural History Museum, where they can see how the flora and the fauna have evolved from prehistoric times until present days.

If your budget allows it, you can even rent an entire room of the museum and camp the kids there for the night. They will have a lot of fun playing together and sleeping in their sleeping bags.

A Day at The Zoo Party Theme

There are many interesting themes for parties that kids like, but when it comes to seeing wild animals, children become extremely excited.

Most zoos offer two types party schedules: Either you choose to stay there for a couple of hours or you can book a whole day for your kids’ parties. Furthermore, many zoos have a complex party organization that handles many of the arrangements. They will offer invitations and parking tickets for your guests. However, many zoological gardens can only accommodate a limited number of people.

Girls’ Party Themes

Frozen Birthday Theme

All kids are crazy about Disney cartoons and fictional characters. The new trend among little girls is Frozen, the story of two royal sisters, both princesses.

Some specialized stores offer the Frozen birthday party package. Among other things, this package also contains banners and other decorations. The price can be as much as $40 or more. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can lower the costs by creating your own props.

One of the fun things your kids can do with the Frozen package is to create their own customized snowman. But the interesting part is this: All the mini snowmen figures will be created from cupcakes and other sweets.

Princess Theme Parties

themes for parties princess

Many girls dreams of living like a princess, wearing wonderful ball gowns and a tiara on her head. You can make your little girl’s wish come true by organizing a fairytale birthday party.

It is true that you must think of every detail such as costumes, food, and beverages, balloons and decorations, maybe even an inflatable castle. This is certainly a way to create a magical and engaging party for your kids.

Let your little girl choose which princess she wants to be. There are plenty of options to choose from: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and more. Then, based on this information, you can recreate that specific fairytale world with all the props.

Barbie Themed Parties

Barbie dolls have become so popular that they’ve started an entire culture among little girls. It is an iconic doll when it comes to toys, especially those loved by girls. Throw your little one a pink dream party, if she loves the Barbie doll.

You can even display a set of Barbie accessories for the girls. For classic Barbie, chose hair accessories. For newer Barbies, like the Justice League Barbie, you may have to do more research. There are as many types of Barbies as there are types of little girls, thanks to demand from parents and girls themselves.

Boys’ Party Themes

Dinosaurs Party Theme

Of all the favorite themes for parties, kids especially love a successful dinosaur theme. All children are fascinated with these huge creatures and would really enjoy their birthday to be organized around this specific theme.

You can even find different types of dinosaur birthday packages such as Jurassic Park Adventure. Think of creating personalized invitations for every guest you will have, and make those invitations in the form of dinosaurs. Furthermore, encourage your little boy to join you on this task. It will be fun for him to participate in the organization of his own birthday party.

Pirate Themes for Parties

Little boys really like adventurous quests, so a pirate’s theme for their party is a great idea. Moreover, you could order a cake in the form of a pirate ship. This will impress the guests, for sure. This kind of party is suitable for an outdoor space. This way, all the kids will be able to play, run, and have a great boost of energy.

Do not forget about specific details that make a big difference in the success of your party, such as parrots (toys or even a couple of real ones), eye patches, pirate hooks, message bottles, and treasure chests.

Angry Birds Theme Party

Nowadays, Angry Birds is a very popular game, among both children and adults. If your little boy loves to play that game, then it is a great idea to throw him a themed party with this topic.

You should consider crafting or ordering all items with the Angry Birds logo and characters, from napkins and plates to banners and other decorations. If your son’s guests also like this game, the party will be a success, for sure.

To sum up, there are plenty of themes for parties that you can choose from when it comes to throwing your kid a birthday party. The most important thing to do is to involve your children in the planning process. This way, everything will become more engaging and attractive to them, and you can strengthen your relationship with your kids while teaching them important organizational and social skills.

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