Teach your child the joy of reading with the best children’s books. Encourage your child to explore marvelous new worlds and meet intriguing characters. Reading stirs the imagination and teaches skill. It will make your children more curious about they live in, and inspire them to explore further to learn more.

About Children’s Literature

Children’s literature has always been a subject open to debate. For centuries now, scholars have been wondering what a book should contain in order to be deemed appropriate for young minds.

Many of the books written for children, albeit fun and cheery, might include some painful truths about life itself. Think about The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde or The Steadfast Tin Soldier written by the witty Hans Christian Andersen.

Still, as children, we are enticed by the sunny and colorful aspects of every story. Pinocchio is just a silly puppet whose nose grows every time he tells a lie, and Rapunzel is just a sad princess locked in a tower, waiting for Prince Charming to come and rescue her.

Let your child’s mind roam freely, as they uncover the truth behind the gingerbread house or as they discover Captain Bluebeard’s lost treasure.

The Best Children’s Books

Nowadays, there are a countless number of books out there that you can read to your kids. There are many bedtime story books which you can read aloud include stories about different faiths and different cultures. There are tons of materials available that help to open your child’s mind.

Also, we also advise you to check online resources on a regular basis. If you don’t want to buy a hardcover book, there are usually many free online children’s books for all ages. Moreover, many the online eBooks are written in all different languages, including English, Spanish, and German, and others.

Furthermore, internet resources also offer additional printable materials for children with disabilities, like those suffering from dyslexia or those who have autism.

Here’s a short list of the best children’s book, and many of them are classic favorites. Note that most the books in our list can be purchased in several formats, such as print, digital, or audio book.

1. Little Bear – Else Holmelund Minarik (Illustrations by Maurice Sendak)

This is a sad story about a little bear who is missing his father. Throughout the story, the Mamma Bear tries to console the sad little bear and explain why his father is missing. The story, albeit riddled with harsh life lessons, is another way to teach your child all about family values.

"The Best Children's Books for Your Child"

2. Revolting Rhymes – Roald Dahl (Illustrations by Quentin Blake)

Tired of hearing how the three little pigs managed to outwit the big bad wolf? Sick of Cinderella and her triumphant marriage to the prince in the end? With his humorous approach, Dahl manages to craft funny alternate endings to six traditional fairy tales.

This is one of the best children’s poetry books and a great opportunity to teach your kid about how poetry can be fun.

"The Best Children's Books for Your Child"

3. The Yellow House Mystery – Gertrude Chandler Warner (Illustrations by Mary Gehr)

This is one of the book titles that bears the seal of the prestigious Boxcar publishing company. The publishing house began its activity back in the 1920s when Gertrude Chandler Warner published her first children’s book called The Boxcar Children.

Besides being the name of the publishing house, Boxcar became a whole series of books featuring Warner’s beloved Alden brothers: Henry, Jesse, Benny, and Violet.

Follow the Alden brothers as they set out to uncover the mystery that surrounds Surprise Island.

"The Best Children's Books for Your Child"

4. Olivia – Ian Falconer

This is a great way to teach your children all about music and dancing. Follow the adventure of a little piglet called Olivia, as she tries to find the wackiest costumes to wear to a party. The funny piglet also dances and sings, and likes building sand castles and painting walls.

"The Best Children's Books for Your Child"

5. The Story of Ferdinand – Munro Leaf (Illustrated by Robert Lawson)

Leaf tells the story of Ferdinand, a bull that is not like other bulls. Instead of puffing and being fierce all the time, Ferdinand the Bull likes to be calm and peaceful. Ferdinand likes to pick flowers from the meadow. Join him as he discovers what life from the other side of the fence looks like.

"The Best Children's Books for Your Child"

6. A Drop of Blood – Paul Showers (Illustrated by Edward Miller)

Learn about the importance of blood and how the human body works from a funny vampire and his trusted servant. This book is an excellent way to teach your kids about the science behind the human body. Although it is a piece of nonfiction, the author manages to make a great story out a few annoying facts.

"The Best Children's Books for Your Child"

7. Tuesday – David Wiesner

With many vivid and stunning illustrations, this wordless book continues to fascinate both children and adults. Follow the story and discover how frogs can fly through the air using their magical lily pads.

"The Best Children's Books for Your Child"

8. The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle – Hugh Lofting

Ever seen Doctor Dolittle, the movie, starring Eddie Murphy? Well, this is the book that inspired the film. Follow Doctor Dolittle, a veterinarian that is not like the other veterinarians. While other vets only treat animals, Dolittle has a rare gift: He can speak with any animal and understand their feelings.

This is a classic book addressed to children and parents alike.

"The Best Children's Books for Your Child"

9. Miss Rumphius – Barbara Cooney

Miss Rumphius won the American Book Award for the one of the best children’s books. Barbara Cooney tells the story of Miss Rumphius, a gentle old lady, that spreads flower seeds wherever she goes. Accompanied by her fluffy cat, Miss Rumphius makes a habit out of teaching everyone about how important nature is.

"The Best Children's Books for Your Child"

10. The Sword in the Stone by T.H White

T.H White tells the fantastical tale of one of the most iconic historical characters: King Arthur of the Britons. Head over to Camelot and experience first-hand the feats of arms of King Arthur and his knights of the round table retold in a witty and humorous manner.

"The Best Children's Books for Your Child"

These are the some of best children’s book you can find on the market. As mentioned before, you can purchase these works from an online platform like amazon.com, or buy them directly from any bookstore. Moreover, if you have a Kindle device, you can always download them for free.

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