During the summer holidays, many parents send their children to summer classes for kids. Other parents take them to educational attractions, like zoos, museums, and other programs. Both provide fun for bored kids who are used to being around others in a stimulating environment during the school year.

summer classes for kids, including educational activities

Even though there are many different opinions regarding whether your child should go to summer classes or not, many teaching specialists seem to think that this type of educational program can only be helpful for your child’s proper development and growth.

Kids have different opinions compared to their parents when it comes to summer school. While some of them are happy to attend these classes, others do not like the idea of prolonging the school year. Instead, they’d prefer to stay at home and play.

Sometimes, it isn’t just about getting ahead in school. There are programs where teachers can suggest classes for children that will help them keep up where they fell behind during the previous school year. Many children lose the skills they’ve learned over summer vacation. There are also other types of summer classes available for kids to enjoy, such as dancing lessons, chess club, foreign languages, and more.

Main Benefits of Summer Classes for Kids

  • Learning new abilities. During their summer classes, kids can gain new and useful skills. Whether they learn a new language or start playing a musical instrument, their brain develops and their intelligence increases.
  • Social skills. Being among other kids and communicating with people they just met can help your child become a better adult. Communication is key skill to learn in every aspect and phase of life.
  • Independence. Sending your kids to summer classes can teach them to be more independent. This way, they will learn responsibility and self-motivation.
  • Helps them to stand out in the crowd. Having a musical instrument or any other kind of artistic ability on their resumes will help your kids get further in life. Furthermore, it will differentiate them from other children of their age when they are applying to good high schools and future colleges.
  • Getting stronger. This is a valid reason, especially when your kid takes summer classes that involve sports and physical activity. This is the case of dancing classes, sports camps, and other programs with lots of physical activity.
  • Increased self-esteem. Learning new skills will help your children gain confidence in themselves and give them the courage to try new things throughout their entire lives. During summer classes for kids, children can also learn to accept constructive feedback and criticism.
  • Expanding kids’ horizons. Especially in the cases in which your kid is learning a new language, they will also learn about other cultures and nationalities. The kids can even learn about other cultures and find out history facts when they start playing musical instruments. That is if the teacher is wise enough to make a short introductory presentation of that specific instrument.
  • Easily adaptable. Meeting other people besides their teachers and schoolmates will make your children more adaptable. It will give them the skills to adjust to new situations or changes more easily.

Popular Summer Classes for Kids in 2018

swimming summer classes for kids

There are plenty of fun, interesting, and educational summer classes from which to choose. Below, you can find a list of these available classes.

Fun Summer Classes for Kids

  • Dancing lessons. Through dance classes, your kids will become stronger, fitter, and happier. They can maintain a healthy body while they learn something new and have fun along with children their own age. However, you must take some factors into consideration when you choose a certain dance class for your kid. Think about what kind of music they like most. And pick a proper dance studio — ask around or find trustworthy recommendations.
  • Cooking classes. Although you might not find cooking as very entertaining, your kids have a totally different approach when it comes to preparing food, at least for now. For them, it will be a lot of fun playing with ingredients and mixing them together. You should find a cooking class that teaches your children how to cook specific and easy dishes, as well as how to maintain their safety while they work in the kitchen.
  • Crafting classes. This type of lesson will improve your children’s coordination abilities as well as their motor skills. They will have to color, draw, cut, and many other fun activities that are very engaging and attractive for kids. Furthermore, your children will bond and develop great relationships with other kids, and in this way, gain social skills as well.
  • Swimming classes. This is a very important ability that your children should learn. Not only does it help develop healthy and fit bodies, it can also save their lives when needed. Furthermore, along with social skills and a great sense of self-esteem, your children will also learn constructive and fair play competitiveness. Along the way, the kids will develop more and more skills, will help them achieve the goals they have set on the way. It will give them a boost of courage and energy.

Academic Summer Classes for Kids

  • Book clubs and writing lessons. If your kid is old enough to read and write, you might consider a writing class. This is especially good for those children who have a keen interest in literature and artistic and creative activities. You can even encourage your kids to write a whole book. Who knows? Maybe they will become famous writers some day.
  • Learning new languages. During foreign language classes, children expand their horizons, learning about new cultures and gaining a wider perspective on the world. Moreover, speaking more than one language will surely help them differentiate themselves as working adults in the marketplace. A new language class has both linguistic and cognitive benefits.
  • Reading classes. These are great summer classes for kids between the ages of four and six. Not only that it will enrich their vocabulary, but they will also know how to read when they start school. The best thing to do as a parent is to search for an interactive and fun class that teaches your kids in an enjoyable manner.
  • Math summer classes. Although this might sound perfect for you as a parent, your kids might not be as happy as you to take math lessons during their summer vacation. As we all know, mathematics is a difficult school subject, and most of the kids dislike it. However, if your child is fond of pragmatic subjects and numbers, you could send him or her to summer math classes for kids.

In Conclusion

To sum up, no matter what summer classes for kids you send your child to, always make sure you encourage your daughter or son to pursue the activities that give them joy and that they find pleasant. Even though it’s your kid, that doesn’t mean she or he has to resemble you completely. So, be open-minded when it comes to your kids’ hobbies and interests when choosing summer classes and programs.

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