Have you decided that you want your child to learn to speak more than one language? We know the job market rewards multi-lingual adults, so why not start now? One of the best ways to learn a language is to play games! Here are the best Spanish games for kids to play.

Learning another language is a great way to introduce your child to another culture and become more at ease with the idea of speaking other languages. Spanish is an excellent choice because it’s popular, often used in many places, and has Latin roots. Therefore, once your child learns Spanish, they may find that speaking other languages comes more easily. Some of the best Spanish games for kids are online or offered as apps for smartphones or tablets.

Also, there are many resources, especially in the United States for speaking Spanish. Most libraries have a Spanish books section as well as other resources for learning how to speak the language. Knowing Spanish can also help your child in the future. Whether they choose to study a language in school or college, knowing Spanish and being fluent in it can help them in their potential career.

mother holding child in lap to play on laptop together

Some of the best Spanish games for kids are online, but others are board games and family games that you can make yourself or play for a family game night. The key to some of these games, especially the online ones, is not just to let your child use the app and then forget about it. Try and use the Spanish your child is learning in everyday ways. Have a Spanish dinner hour while you cook up some great Spanish foods. Or point out items while driving in the car only in Spanish.

Play some of the best Spanish games for kids with them so that you understand what they are learning too.

1. Rockalingua

The official Rockalingua website has many online, music-based games that are some of the best Spanish games for kids that they can use to learn Spanish. Not all of the games on the site are free. However, numerous other fun options don’t charge a fee.

The site also has a yearly fee ($79 for families) where the games as well as worksheets, coloring sheets, and other materials can be accessed. It is, essentially, a full Spanish curriculum complete with the ability to track your child’s progress.

2. Takelessons.com

Take Lessons website has a variety of game ideas that you can implement in your home – without the need for a screen. From Bingo to Pictionary to Catch the Pelota, kids can get Spanish help without needing to log in to anything or use a book. Take a game like Simon Says and turn it into Diego Dice. All of a sudden, you can learn and play traditional games at the same time.

3. Jump in! PBSKids.org

PBS Kids website has many of their popular online games available in Spanish. This gives kids the chance to play online games with Curious George, for example, in Spanish. Just playing or hearing the words can help a child learn the meanings – without a game specifically designed to teach it to them.

4. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Story Place is actually a digital library for kids. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in Charlotte, N.C. has a beautiful site for children with the best Spanish games for kids, stories, and an invitation to visit their library in person. The site works from English to Spanish and vice versa.

5. Oraciones Divertidas

oraciones divertidas board game

Oraciones Divertidas brought by Learning Resources comes with a price tag of $29.99. Nonetheless, this is a unique sentence building game that doesn’t just teach a child vocabulary, like many apps and games do, but also teaches a child how to speak in sentences. This is an important skill when picking up a foreign language from scratch. It is also an excellent game for learning the parts of speech. The board would be a successful hit as one of the party games for kids, especially if all little ones in the room love Spanish.

6. The BBC

BBC UK website has a variety of language games and videos online for both children and adults who wish to speak another language. Their Spanish section for children is full of activities, including an area where you can hear different structures of Spanish. In addition to games and videos, there are also songs and photos to help round up the learning experience.

7. Turista Mexicano

turista mexicano board game in spanish

Turista Mexicano is another board game that teaches you about Mexico culture and enriches your Spanish vocabulary at the same time. It’s a little similar to Monopoly, where you purchase property, but you also visit different landmarks. Turista Mexicano is a great game to learn some of the most popular cultural destinations and use Spanish more conversationally.

8. Peekaboo Barn

Peekabo Barn is a cute little mobile app for toddlers that teaches them some Spanish vocabulary. It has other languages available as well. You can also record the names of the animals in your own voice, so if your child’s Abuela (grandma) speaks Spanish, she could hear her saying the words, making the connection a little more real.

9. Pacca Alpaca

Set your downloaded Pacca Alpaca mobile app to Spanish and leave it to your kids. They will have lots of fun hours where they play and learn a new language at the same time. Pacca Alpaca has a magical carousel where you can go on a fantastic multilingual learning adventure.

10. Mindsnacks

Mindsnacks promises a fun alternative to some of the best Spanish games for kids. Instead of doing the same thing over and over, Mindsnacks gives you the chance to play their nine “rich and engaging games designed to build vocabulary, boost conversation skills and prevent you from becoming a flashcard flipping zombie.” There are over 50 levels and 40-plus hours of “addictive” content, according to the site.


According to Colorado Mesa University, learning to speak Spanish is important for a number of reasons. Some of them include the fact that there are over 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide, and it is the second largest language spoken in the United States. If you play with your kids or grandkids, you won’t just be helping them, but also helping yourself keep an active mind and learn a new skill.

Rather than just play a regular game of Monopoly or Scrabble, try and learn something at the same time. Play one of the best Spanish games for kids for family night – or play Scrabble in Spanish. You might need to use a dictionary, though. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

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