Children learn best through play, and the easiest way to teach them about finance is with money games for kids. There’s even games about real estate, family budgeting, and the stock market. And they’re not just educational, they’re fun for the whole family. Who doesn’t love a real cut-throat round of Monopoly?

Kids love money games. I remember myself as a kid loving to play money board games. Back then, those were the only money games that existed. I loved the feel of paper money, even though it wasn’t real money. And I somehow managed to understand the fact that it wasn’t just a game. It was a training experience. A training experience not only for how to take care of personal finances. It was a training experience for life.

The Lifelong Impact of Money Games for Kids

I’ve never had problems with money. I don’t know if this was on account of the fact that money games had trained me enough so to know how to be responsible. It probably has something to do with that, though. It’s a proven fact that games are far better teaching tools for kids than the traditional ones. If you scold your kid every time they buy an ice-cream instead of saving the cash, you’re not going to achieve much of a financial education.

To this extent, we’ve compiled a very thorough guide to your kid’s financial future (which can be found here). But also, we’ve endeavored to search for the best money games for kids that we could find and compile them into a single article.

Looking around the internet, we decided that there are four categories of money games to cover. First there are the classic money board games. Secondly come the online money games, such as counting money games, or money math games. Then are money games for mobile devices, also known as apps. Finally, last but not least, there are stock market games. Next up, we’ll be making a short summary of these games.

Board Money Games for Kids

"money games for kids counting math money counting"

A nice photo: Monopoly is indeed like a playground.

Call me old-fashioned, but there’s just no better game for kids than a board game. I know video games are the new craze, and I also play them from time to time. However, a good board game can mean three things, all at once: good fun, socializing with friends or family, and accumulation knowledge about economics. Well, the third one only works for board games that have a financial premise. But you catch my drift.

When was the last time you and your kids played a quiet game of Monopoly? I know, I know – it’s a potential family destroyer. But if you keep everything fun and light-hearted to teach your kids about money, you may just be giving them the most important lessons of their lives. Monopoly deals with the basic principles of investment, property management, and basic utilities in a fun and interactive way.

But it isn’t the only board game for kids out there. Other titles include Payday, The Allowance Game, The Game of Life, or Cashflow 101. There’s even a stock market board game called, plainly, the Stock Market Game – although we can’t vouch for it being any good.

Online Money Games for Kids

"money games for kids counting math money counting"

This kid is really enjoying the money games he’s playing online.

Back to the twenty-first century, let’s talk a little bit about online money games for kids. Why? Because, in recent times, they’ve grown from a couple of odd counting games here and there to taking over the web, one small, poorly designed gaming website at a time. To the point where the games aren’t poorly designed anymore. And now, the principles behind the games are really quite challenging, in some cases.

If you’re looking for counting money games for kids, or for money math games, then there are a lot of sites specifically designed for the younger ones to enjoy. Websites such as, where kids can learn a lot of important lessons about money from 20 different money games. Keep in mind that the only currencies available in the game are the pound sterling or the euro,

Then there are more advanced money games for kids such as Rich Kid Smart Kid, or The Mint, or Sense and Dollars. And there are many others. The advantage of there being so many is, obviously, that you can find something for just about any age group. So it doesn’t matter whether your kid just started counting or whether it’s already time to think about saving money for college. The internet is full of wondrous games well suited for everyone.

Mobile Money Games for Kids

"money games for kids counting math money counting"

Playing money games on my iPad: a successful financial adviser in the making.

Up until now, this article may have seemed a bit stuck in the past. However online money games may seem like a modern trend, there’s an ever newer piece of technology that kids like playing on today. You may or may not have heard of them: iPads and tablets. There are now many game apps on the Apple App Store as well as on Google Play (for Android users). What’s more: a great deal of these apps are designed specifically for kids, and a big part of those targeted at kids are educational.

Many of the apps are centered on cool school subjects, such as math. Others are centered on money. We’ve selected a few of them and checked them out. To our surprise, we found that these often work better than the previous ones that we’ve talked about.

For instance, there’s PiggyBot, which is not necessarily a game. It’s an app designed so that kids can manage their allowances and have a clear graphic of how much money they spend. Green$treets – another one of many innovative money games for kids –  has users free endangered animals. They then have a budget to help them get back into the wild.

Other cool money games for kids available in the app stores are Renegade Buggies, Savings Spree, Motion Mat: Cupcake!, Celebrity Calamity, and FamZoo. All of these are great for teaching kids essential concepts about money, and some are also great money math games.

Stock Market Money Games for Kids

If you haven’t seen enough money games for kids yet, there’s one other category: stock market games. These games are not the usual kind. They’re more complicated. They’re often very professional looking games that are only good choices for kids who have had some financial education.

Most online stock market games focus on creating a virtual stock portfolio with virtual currencies or virtual cash that users can better understand the inner workings of the stock market. In our more detailed guide to stock market games for kids, you can find all of the apps that we discovered along with the age groups that they’re recommended for.

The more basic ones, such as Piggybank’s Fantasy Stock Market, can be played by kids as young as 7 years old. This is according to the publishers of the game. On the other side of the spectrum, we have more complicated online stock market simulators such as Investopedia, which we recommend only be undertaken by kids with a firm grasp of financial principles.

"money games for kids counting math money counting"


This ends our short guide to money games for kids. Did your little ones get any new knowledge as to how to manage their finances out of this little article here? We hope they did. If all else fails, there’s always our comprehensive guide to how kids can make money linked in the first part of the page.


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