Rock Climbing for kids is great for coordination, strength, and agility. Whether they plan on winning Ninja Warrior or were simply born climbing and never stopped, you want the safest, best place for them to do it. If you are looking for the best locations in the country for kids to rock climb, we have them.

There is no doubt that rock climbing is an exciting and beneficial activity that is capable of improving the quality of life of not only adults but also kids. Little ones love it because it’s fun and challenging without ever becoming a chore. For this reason, rock climbing for kids has become extremely popular.

Today, many companies offer rock climbing facilities, equipment, and lessons that cater to kids and young adults. Out of all the gyms and studios that offer rock climbing for kids, we have selected the best five in all of the United States. Up next, we will go their main features.

*The following rock climbing studios and places for kids were listed according to their popularity. 

Top US Locations That Offer Rock Climbing for Kids

1. LA Boulders (Los Angeles, California)

There is no doubt that rock climbing for kids is an activity that needs to maintain a balance between education, fitness, and fun. Luckily for anyone that lives in Los Angeles, LA Boulders is a gym that knows just how to do that.

It’s a bouldering-only space that is safe despite not requiring the use of ropes or harnesses. LA Boulders features exciting routes that provide little ones with challenging fun. Additionally, the gym offers climbing parties and camps for kids of ages 6 to 12.


  • Various climbing courses with different levels of difficulty.
  • Original climbing obstacles.
  • Bouldering-only courses that which allow completion without ropes or harnesses.
  • 17-foot tall walls distributed through over 11,500 square feet of climbing terrain.
  • Over 200 different boulder problems.


  • There are no climbing activities for kids under five years old.


La Boulders offers various pricing rates for single classes, weekly sessions, climbing camps and climbing parties. The price depends on the type of activities, the number of kids and the time. Single classes can cost around 20 dollars for an hour. Longer and more complex activities such as climbing camps go for around $200.

two little girls climbing a rock wall wearing ropes for protection and sports clothes

2. The Cliffs at LIC (New York City, New York)

Those who are looking for a platform for their kids to get into the world of rock climbing will definitely be interested in The Cliffs at LIC. This organization offers indoor lessons on rock climbing for kids that will prepare them for the real thing.

Through various youth programs that cater to different skill levels, The Cliffs is a climbing studio that helps kids develop the proper climbing techniques. It also offers summer vacation programs and special training for competitive climbing events.


  • Beginner, intermediate and competitive programs with an emphasis on developing technique.
  • Its Vikings program combines competition and pure fun into different climbing games.
  • Climbing gear included in the price.


  • Its climbing programs can be very demanding and highly competitive.


The Cliffs at LIC offers a membership that allows access to any of its programs. It costs 115 dollars a month.

3. Arcadia Rock Climbing (Arcadia, California)

This studio offers rock climbing for kids both with and without ropes. Location-wise, Arcadia Rock Climbing is a cozy, vibrant little studio that’s full of color, making it perfect for children. It offers single lessons, lesson programs and day passes.

Additionally, it offers climbing parties and special climbing events. Apart from fun activities, Arcadia Rock Climbing also provides private lessons for both kids and adults. These private lessons can help customers prepare for real-life rock climbing.


  • Private lessons that serve as an introduction to real-life climbing.
  • Fun, familiar environment that’s great for kids.
  • Method and assistance by professional rock climbers.


  • Lessons on rock climbing for kids require the signing of a liability waiver.


At Arcadia Rock Climbing, all day passes for kids cost $12. Lessons cost $30 for the first person and an extra $25 for each additional person.

a young man doing wall rock climbing

4. Philadelphia Rock Gyms (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Experience is one of the most important characteristics that a gym offering rock climbing for kids can have. With over 20 years teaching kids how to climb, that is something that Philadelphia Rock Gyms definitely has.

Additionally, it has a fun-loving environment that children will feel very comfortable in. It features after-school programs, day climbing camps and summer camps. It also offers special birthday parties that overflow with climbing activities and games.


  • Various locations in Philadelphia.
  • Closely knit to the community and with ties to the local boy scouts.
  • Offers both indoor and outdoor climbing sessions.


  • Does not offer single-day experiences without a membership.


At Philadelphia Rock Gyms, most programs cost around 60 dollars. Customers also have the opportunity to get a membership for 50 dollars a month, with discounts given to families and groups.

5. Brooklyn Boulders (New York City, New York)

Aiming at combining climbing with art and a community spirit, Brooklyn Boulders began offering rock climbing for kids in 2009. Far from the typical climbing experience, Brooklyn Boulders offers unconventional climbing experiences that engage the imagination, social skills, and physicality.


  • 22,000 square feet of climbing surface.
  • Combines rock climbing with yoga, acro-yoga, Capoeira and fitness exercises.
  • Offers artistic and social events that aim to combine rock climbing and other aspects of social life.


  • Its boulder courses can be quite difficult, particularly for beginners.
  • Its equipment rental prices can be quite elevated.


Brooklyn Boulders offers day passes for $32. It also offers memberships for $289.

Summing It Up

After going through these rock climbing facilities, we can conclude that each of them has become successful due to offering high-quality services. Apart from having professionals that are capable of teaching kids the basics of climbing, they are committed to creating a rock climbing culture.

It’s important to realize that, unlike adults, kids need the kind of guidance and mentoring that only a company that specializes in rock climbing for kids can offer. Have you ever tried any of these rock climbing institutions? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

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