When it comes to things that kids love, animals often top the list. Really cool animals? Even better. This article will introduce them to the ten coolest Rainforest Animals for kids. From the Basilisk to the Capybara, Rainforest animals aren’t just interesting, many are in danger from habitat destruction.

Rainforests are often referred to as the lungs of the world due to their incredible concentration of plant life. They are also home to over 10,000 different animal species. In order to let the curious minds of children learn more about this impressive aspect of life on earth, this guide will go over the most interesting rainforest animals for kids.

*The following animals were listed in no particular order.

The 10 Coolest Rainforest Animals for Kids

1. Jesus Lizard or Basilisk

a small basilisk or Jesus Lizard

The first entry on this list of rainforest animals for kids is the Jesus Lizard. This amazing type of lizard lives in Central and South American rainforests, usually near medium-sized bodies of water such as rivers and streams.

It’s very fast and nimble, depending on its quick reflexes for survival and hunting. Even though they are tiny at birth, basilisks can grow up to two and a half feet long. Amusingly, the Basilisk gets its Jesus Lizard nickname from its ability to run on top of the water without sinking in.

2. Axolotl

a white axolotl in an aquarium

One of the strangest looking animals in this list of rainforest animals for kids is, without a doubt, the axolotl. Being an amphibian, this animal is capable of living and breathing on both dry land and water for prolonged periods of time.

This may not be apparent as axolotls look like fishes. However, observant people will notice they have tiny legs that allow them to walk on dry land. Besides having legs, they possess external gills and finned tails that help them live underwater.

3. Proboscis Monkey

a large adult proboscis monkey

Living exclusively in the Indonesian rainforest, the proboscis monkey is an arboreal primate that is characterized by its unusually protuberant nose. The reason why this animal lands on this list of rainforest animals for kids is its nose.

Amazingly, it never stops growing, so elder proboscis monkeys tend to have the largest noses of their group. Apart from their nose, these relatively large monkeys stand out due to their ability to climb rocks and mountains. Proboscis monkeys are native to the Borneo rainforest. Unfortunately, their numbers are rapidly decreasing due to habitat loss.

4. Rhinoceros Hornbill

two buceros rhinoceros Hornbill birds facing each other

Found in the rainforests of places such as Borneo, Sumatra, Java, the Malay Peninsula, Singapore, and Thailand, these birds are among the most unique-looking animals on this list of rainforest animals for kids. This is because they have colorful horn-like protuberances on top of their beaks.

Apart from being attractive to the opposite sex, their horn-like protuberances serve the purpose of amplifying the sound of their squawks. One of the most interesting facts about these birds is that they are monogamous, meaning they mate with only one individual throughout their life.

5. Bornean Flat-Headed Frog

a creepy Bornean Flat-Headed Frog

As its name states, the Bornean Flat-Headed Frog exists in the vast rainforests of Borneo. This animal has earned a spot on this list of rainforest animals for kids due to its ability to breathe without lungs. Quite amazingly, this frog breathes through its skin.

The lack of lungs leaves space for its unusually large stomach, spleen, and liver. Another interesting fact about this animal is that it has large paddle-like feet.

6. Aye-Aye

a black big-eyed wild aye aye

One of the most elusive animals on this list, the Aye-aye is a nocturnal primate that can only be found in the rainforests of Madagascar. Classified as a lemur, the Aye-aye is the largest nocturnal primate even though it looks a lot like a wingless bat.

Its most characteristic feature is the way it hunts insects for feeding purposes. Armed with an unusually large finger, it digs into tree holes to find its prey.

7. Okapi

a medium-sized Okapi trot running

Looking like a cross between a zebra and a giraffe, the Okapi is a mammal that is native to the northeast region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In terms of height, this 1.5 m (4.9 ft) tall animal also stands somewhere between a giraffe and a zebra.

These shy, noble animals are very solitary, gathering only when it is time for them to breed. Interestingly enough, due to their shy and solitary behavior, they were not discovered until 1990.

8. Glass Frog

a green transparent glass frog

Native to the Ecuadorian Amazon region, the Glass Frog is an amphibian that, at first sight, is not unlike the majority of frogs in the world. However, the Glass Frog stands out due to the fact that portions of its skin are completely transparent.

This is mostly true in the abdominal area, allowing lookers to clearly see their heart, liver and gastrointestinal tract. Even though they are rather typical in every other way, Glass Frogs stand out among other amphibians because their viscera are completely visible.

9. Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

a tiny Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

Without a doubt, the rainforest animal with the most shocking name on this list is the Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko. This animal is native to Madagascar, and it is mostly recognized due to its unusual head shape that mimics a pair of devilish horns.

However, this is a benign creature that feeds on plants and insects. Its leaf-like tail helps it disguise itself to avoid being attacked by predators.

10. Capybara

a large capybara walking on the grass

Even though they may look like a small horse, Capybaras are actually rodents. In fact, they are the largest rodents in the world, being able to grow up to four feet long and weigh over 140 pounds.

Native to the rainforests of South America, these animals are semi-aquatic and tend to live near grasslands, marshes, and swamps. Being a larger relative to the common household hamster, Capybaras are among the most popular rainforest animals for kids.

Summing It Up

Going through this guide of rainforest animals for kids, it’s easy to realize why the parts of the world they live in are so important to look after.

Without a doubt, rainforest animals are some of the most peculiar and interesting in the whole world. Do you know any other rainforest animals that deserve being on this list? If so, let us know everything about it in a comment!


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