As parents, we have 1000 things in our head all the time. Are we a good example to our children, will our children do well in life and have a good career? How can we help them succeed, or ourselves? If you want an engineering degree, why not now? We have the best Online Engineering Degree Programs for you!

If you have your heart set on earning an engineering degree, you’re preparing for a stellar field, a career full of satisfaction and a road filled with opportunity. Engineering, though often overlooked and underestimated, is one of the most interesting areas that one can study. But high tuition fees may sometimes turn potential students away from the path they would have wanted to walk. Luckily, more and more universities are offering accredited online engineering degree programs in a multitude of disciplines. Here are 8 of the best such programs, but before we detail each one, let’s swiftly discuss some important aspects about your online degree and institution of choice.

What You Need to Know Before You Apply for an Online Engineering Degree

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Engineering is considered one of the highest-earning majors.

As with many other specialties and fields, accreditation is paramount, especially for online engineering degrees. If you plan on obtaining an engineering license and exercising your profession, make sure that the program you are going to enroll for is accredited. Currently, the most crucial board offering accreditation is ABET (the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology). This accreditation uses the same standards for on-campus and online programs.

Aside from accreditation, you should also be clear on what it is that you wish to accomplish and seek the specific program that offers you the degree you require. Each degree certifies particular skillsets, as follows:

  • An associate degree or an undergraduate certificate: certify that you may become an engineering technician, and focus on designing and testing certain components
  • A Bachelor’s degree covers both theoretical knowledge and applying that knowledge practically
  • A Master’s degrees or a graduate certificate in engineering designed for engineering professionals who wish to further their skills and knowledge.

Top Schools to Offer Online Engineering Degrees

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Columbia University

Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science offers a multitude of fully-online-delivered programs, such as Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, and many more. Most programs require a total of 30 credits and a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Penn State University

Pennsylvania State University is one of the most highly regarded academic institutions of our nation, and its engineering programs consistently rank as the top such programs in the United States. Currently, Penn State University offers five master’s degree programs online. These are identical to those offered on campus and include Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Software Engineering, and Systems Engineering. Both its in-state and out-of-state tuition per credit cost is $930.

University of California

If you’re already a full-time employee and still want to earn your online engineering degree, check out the University of California – Los Angeles. It offers engineering programs that share their curriculum with their on-campus counterparts and has the bonus of offering the same diploma (without the online designation) on the final degree. According to U.S. News, UCLA’s Online Engineering Program ranks number one in the USA for 2015 and offers its graduates a Master of Science in Engineering.


New York University also offers a top-tier online engineering program, as its Polytechnic School of Engineering has been pioneering technological advancements and research for over 150 years. With its entertaining, diverse and improving programs, NYU pledges to create industry experts. Including in fields such as bioinformatics, industrial engineering, cybersecurity, computer engineering and technology management.

Johns Hopkins

Much like its on-campus student body, Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals online students also enjoy the university’s interactive and information-rich learning environment. With the wide array of materials and instructional approaches that the university ensures, graduates become well-versed in the theoretical and practical knowledge they require for their future professions. With a $1,177 tuition per credit and its numerous degrees, such as Applied Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Sustainability, Information Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Systems Engineering, Johns Hopkins may be a sound decision for your online education.

Cornell University

This is another well-renowned university that provides not only online engineering degree programs but also completion flexibility. All Cornell graduates end up working in the field of their choice, and Fortune 500 companies employ the majority, the school declares. Its Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering has produced numerous graduates that currently work for companies such as Boeing, Google, BAE Systems and even the U.S. Air Force.

Purdue University

Enjoying the same admissions criteria as on-campus students, the same curriculum, courses, assignments and examinations, distance students are surely privileged to earn their degree (which is free of the online designation) in the same manner as on-site students do.

University of Southern California

The USC Viterbi School of Engineering offers unparalleled variety when it comes to its engineering programs. Students may strive to attain their Master’s Degree in Aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, product development engineering, aeronautical engineering, biomedical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, petroleum engineering, financial engineering, green technologies, industrial and systems engineering as well as systems architecting and engineering.

While your bachelor’s degree may take approximately 4-5 years, your master’s degree will only require 2-3 years until completion. Once earned, your degree will not only lay the foundations for but also ease your way to the successful career that you wish to pursue in the engineering field of your choice.


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