If you blink, these days, you are going to miss changes in our job market. You can say the thing about technology. But, one thing that will evolve with the times and stay marketable is computer science. Learning to code, and studying the principles and use of computers is a smart move.

Finding a great job is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays. Education providers have already started amending their curriculums to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of potential employers. Certain countries have already added a fourth contender to mandatory skills that children are required to acquire during their education.

Reading, arithmetic and writing aren’t enough anymore, and coding has become part of the curriculum in countries such as the U.K., Finland, Italy, and Singapore. Since computer knowledge has slowly become a prerequisite for any top-earning position, let’s take a closer look at the intricacies of obtaining an online computer science degree.

Should You Guide Your Child towards an Online Computer Science Degree?

The world has become dependent on information technology and as mentalities shift, so must the skillset of our younger generations. Earning your computer science degree online — as opposed to the hustle and bustle of earning your degree traditionally — represents an excellent alternative. And should, at least, earn a spot on your possibility list.

Digital literacy must, therefore, become one of the critical components of modern education. Failing to provide our young generations with these much-needed skills will only work to their disadvantage.

numerous job vacancies in the it sector

In the decade between 2012 and 2022, experts expect that IT jobs will experience a 21% increase, whereas demand is already sky high. High-tech companies are already underlining the massive shortages they are experiencing when seeking people that have ICT skills. In 2012 alone, there were 104,429 job vacancies in the IT sector, and only 18,831 IT graduates to fill them. According to tech firms such as Microsoft, Facebook or Rovio, by 2020, there will be over 900,000 vacancies in the European ICT sector alone.

An IT graduate has additional pros to look forward to, other than job vacancies. Salary is perhaps one of the most important ones. Such graduates have more than a promising outlook. The potential of landing a high-earning position is great. Consider that jobs in the IT field have a typical starting salary of over $60,000 for a young graduate; a mid-career salary can reach $102,000.

online computer science degree holders are among the highest paid employees

Choosing the Online Computer Science Program that Suits You

Granted, traditional programs feature significantly more programs than online programs do. But, that shouldn’t represent an obstacle in the way of your education. You’ll most likely have to conduct extensive research on your quest to find the best online computer science program, and you should keep certain things in mind when doing so. Decide on your preferences regarding program length, price point,  and specialization. As well as the desired school, so that you can find a perfect match.

Many accredited universities and colleges offer the possibility of earning either a Bachelors or a Master’s Degree. But before you decide, factor in crucial aspects such as tuition cost and your ability to pay for the tuition. Also factor in if that particular college offers proper student support services and how successful they are in preparing their students for the job market after graduating.

types of online computer science degrees granted

Another thing to keep in mind is that certain Bachelor Degree Programs may require its applicants to have completed prerequisite courses such as calculus, physics, and programming before their enrollment.

5 Best Colleges Offering Online Computer Science Degrees

It takes hard work — but if you put your mind to it, you are more than capable of getting a top-tier online computer science education rivaling that of an Ivy League school. The key is focus and determination. Numerous universities offer online bachelor’s degrees in computer science, so we’d like to list the very best.

1. Penn State University

Pennsylvania State University is world-renowned for its commitment to excellence, expertise and rich traditions. Luckily, this 48th-ranked, research-oriented university also offers an online bachelor of science in IST via its “World Campus” as part of its undergraduate programs. It requires a total of 125 credits to complete the program at a differing cost per credit ($535 per in-state and $579 per out-of-state credit). The program isn’t the most accessible, but ensures that its graduates receive the same diploma that any Pennsylvania State graduate receives.

2. University of Maryland

This highly recommended institution offers potential students over 245 online degrees. These include associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. One of the many programs that this university offers is its online bachelor’s degree in computer science. Students may choose to pursue a simultaneous Master of Arts in Teaching while obtaining their bachelor’s degree. The low tuition fees make an education at the University of Maryland affordable.

3. Florida State University

Tied with the University of North Carolina for the 95th ranked national research institution. Florida State offers not only a Bachelor of Arts (BA) but also a Bachelor of Science (BS) in computer sciences. Both degrees can be earned online and they take students approximately 2 years to complete. Graduates earn the same diploma as their on-campus counterparts. Thi is because their curriculum also focuses on programming, computer organization, OS and database structure.

4. California State University

Another top contender is Cal State University, an institution that offers the possibility of both online and hybrid programs. Many of its high-quality programs offer you the opportunity of earning either a BS, MS or a PHD. Its “Computer and Information Systems, Business Information Systems” comprises two distinct MS programs: Instructional Science and Technology and Software Engineering.

5. Stanford University

An MS in Computer Science earned at Stanford University attests to your profound knowledge in computer science. It also certifies a particular area of expertise that you have attained during your academic formation. Courses available to you include an MS Degree in Computer Science; Advanced Computer Security; and Advanced Software Systems; as well as AI and Software Systems.

Online computer science degrees may very well be the future of higher education and online courses offer well-structured curriculums that prepare graduates for the highly competitive world they’re about to enter.


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