If you are looking for online chemistry courses for you or your child, the process can seem daunting. Check out these 11 options to learn chemistry online. Whether you are looking for free online chemistry courses, or need organic chemistry online for your degree we did the legwork for you.

Chemistry is regarded as one of the most challenging classes to master for a variety of reasons. Your teacher will logically and carefully explain the curriculum. However, there is a lot of work required, and some find it rather easy to fall behind. Students must have a working knowledge of a multitude of other subjects — such as math and algebra — to be able to properly solve chemistry problems. Chemistry classes are highly demanding, both in time and work. They take dedication, and the amount of work is high because this is a very complicated subject.

So what can you do when you feel you’re not in line with the rest of the class? While chemistry tutoring may seem like an easy solution, online chemistry courses are fun and offer invaluable information and learning techniques to help you master chemistry. We’ve comprised a list of eleven of the best online chemistry courses on the web.

Online Chemistry Courses and Online Learning: What You Need to Know

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Before starting the countdown, let’s discuss the differences in learning technique when studying chemistry in the classroom and online. It’s clear that your approach will be different, especially since there isn’t a teacher to guide you along or hand out assignments in a structured fashion.

Tips on Learning Technique When Studying Chemistry

If you want to take online chemistry courses to master this science, you must establish clear goals. Ask yourself what it is that you are trying to accomplish this session. Is it conversions, pH calculations, understanding acids and bases? Focus is key and learning what it is that you are trying to do will set you on the correct path.

Second of all, you need to establish the manner in which you are going to track your progress. Can you be objective enough to grade your own test papers — if you choose to test yourself in this way — or will you have to set up a different type of objective evaluation system?

Decide about the details of the online course itself: are you the type of learner that works best in fixed settings and do you need a teacher? If yes, search for those classes that include lectures. If not, find interactive courses in a laid-back environment that are based in alternative types of providing the information.

Top 8 Adult Education Online Chemistry Classes

There are great and high-quality online chemistry courses at your disposal, and while some come at a cost, others are free of charge. We’ve also included three online courses designed for children. So let’s start us off with position #8!

8. Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative

online chemistry courses at carnegie mellon

Top universities have started to shift their focus from an all-campus-bound education to online and e-learning. Transforming higher education. Carnegie Mellon’s OLI (Open Learning Initiative) focuses on simulations and virtual labs to help students obtain the information and materials they require while learning at their own pace and not being bound by high tuition costs. It offers courses such as biochemistry and introduction to chemistry.

7. SkilledUp

skilled up online chemistry courses homepage

Curating the vast quantities of online and alternative learning materials, SkilledUp offers a massive e-learning universe for you to sink into. You can find courses on science, technology and creative arts to business and general education.

Numerous MOOCs are featured on SkilledUp’s list of online chemistry courses, including university-offered lectures. The website offers a quick overview of the courses, providers, length of completion, as well as the estimated work time per week required to complete the course.

6. Open Culture

open culture free chemistry courses

One of the best cultural and educational platforms on the World Wide Web, Open Culture features over 1,100 free courses, 1,000 MOOCs (massive online open courses), ebooks, business courses, language lessons, textbooks, free audio books and ebooks, as well as movies.

The platform offers virtually every course that you may wish for: biochemistry, chemical structure and reactivity (as offered by UC Berkeley), Carnegie Mellon’s course on Chemical Stoichiometry, Core Concepts in Chemistry (via Duke University), freshman organic chemistry, general chemistry, physical chemistry (courtesy of the University of Illinois) and many others.

Many courses contain lab notes and materials as well as research and other useful information.

5. About.com

online chemistry 101 courses

This platform features a wide collection of online chemistry courses, webcast classes, instructional videos, self-paced courses, mini-courses and lectures to satisfy even the pickiest of learners. There are thirteen free online chemistry courses, including advanced placement chemistry courses, chemistry for biology, analytical chemistry, thermodynamics, design and analytics as well as Chem4kids, a course aimed at making this science more accessible to children.

4. Study.com

Chemistry 101: General Chemistry

Course selection Study.com Chemistry 101: General Chemistry

Education should be easily accessible and free, so Study.com offers both interactive learning materials and short, fun videos to help avid learners get a better grasp on the topics they wish to master. It offers courses on High School Chemistry, Chemistry 101: General Chemistry, as well as graduate, post-graduate and professional development courses.

The platform and courses are well-structured, and the best part is that you can also earn transferable college credit and decrease the cost of your tuition by taking such courses.

3. Class Central Online Chemistry Courses

Course options at Class Central

Course options at Class Central

This education platform has partnerships with numerous top universities, colleges and organizations to offer free chemistry courses to all. With contributions from institutions such as MIT, the University of Kentucky, Duke University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, as well as international colleges, virtually anyone, from high school students to teachers can better their knowledge of chemistry.

With courses such as Chemistry 101, Introduction into the World of Materials, solid state chemistry, or comprehensive organic chemistry, you are free to take your pick at what it is you wish to learn first. The platform’s grading system will help you decide on the courses you wish to pursue.

2. MIT Open Courseware Online Chemistry Courses

mit online chemistry courses

The idea behind Open Courseware is quite simple, actually. MIT simply makes all of its course materials online so that everyone wishing to consult any particular course, regardless of topic, can do so. In total, there are materials from over 2260 courses available to students, self-learners and educators alike.

There are both undergraduate and graduate chemistry courses being offered, including quantum mechanics, synthetic organic chemistry, protein folding, chemical reactions and kinetics, inorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry and numerous other courses.

Each course features a description, the syllabus, lecture notes, course materials, assignments, readings as well as practice exams.

1. Khan Academy’s Chemistry Courses

Khan Academy’s Chemistry Courses

Electronic Structure of Atoms course and subsections.

With the help of cutting-edge, adaptive technology, Khan Academy aims to offer free education, courses, personalized learning dashboards and instructional videos to all those seeking to better themselves. This “global classroom” offers resources in over 36 languages and helps students the world over study at their own pace and be that much closer to their true potential.

The chemistry courses offered by Khan Academy follow a clear structure, starting with the basics. Each chapter is divided into smaller ones and courses generally begin with a skill check that analyzes the student’s current standing. A course generally includes instructional videos that attempt to better explain tricky concepts and information that is harder to grasp.

Khan Academy also offers the option of asking a community of chemists and non-chemists whenever you get stuck with a particular concept. Learning both organic and inorganic chemistry becomes interesting and fun.

Your dashboard saves the projects and courses that you are working on, shows the number of skills that you have completed and the ones that are to be completed as well as your progress.

Online Chemistry Courses for Kids

3. Chem4Kids

This website offers children the opportunity of learning the basics of chemistry. From atoms and matter to the Periodic table of elements, to reactions as well as biochemistry. The information comes in an easy-to-understand fashion with drawings and images that help children understand the concepts in the book.

Each element of the periodic table has an individual course. Includes mnemonic devices and other useful information.

2. Science Kids

Children can explore the interesting world of chemistry. Accessing the numerous materials and experiments, games or fair projects that Science Kids offers. The website employs a wide variety of teaching resources. They offer videos, worksheets, quizzes and more, so that your child has an interesting, fun learning experience.

Children can learn to make invisible ink, observe moving molecules by using food coloring. Or create simple baking soda reactions by following the experiments featured on the page. They can also learn interesting facts about elements and chemical compounds or complete quizzes.

1. A2zhomeschooling

This website also offers numerous resources, including chemistry classes and courses. They also feature tutorials, and creative chemistry resources such as puzzles, quizzes, molecular models and applied-chemistry courses.

Granted, chemistry is no easy science and mastering it may take effort and commitment. However, mastering it will come with a great deal of satisfaction. Chemistry can explain so much of everyday life. And, as you succeed, you will certainly gain a deep sense of accomplishment.

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