Did you dream of starting your own business when you were young? Adults often find entrepreneurship isn’t as easy as they may hope. In fact, competition is getting stiffer and you need every advantage you can get in order to have an edge over everyone else. That is why you need an online business degree.

So if you’re dreaming of owning a business or advancing your career towards upper management and even executive positions, earning a Master’s in business administration should be one of your goals. But what are your options when working full time? There are many high-quality schools that offer an online business degree and they do so without requiring you to take a sabbatical from work.

Fewer and fewer people have the time to pursue a traditional, on-campus education. Online education has become not only a popular means to an end, but also an excellent way to enhance your education, seeing that many Universities and Colleges offer the same diploma that your on-campus counterparts receive once you have completed your studies.

Among the many majors that you can choose from, finance should be at the top of your list, not only because of its tremendous earning potential, but also because of the fact that your career options are infinite. Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or an Associate in Science in Business Administration will help you understand the intricate world of business.

Why Opt for an Online Business Degree?

the advantages of ondline business degrees

Career-driven individuals should always keep an open mind when it comes to majoring in business and finance. For one, think of the many types of job prospects that open up to those holding a business degree:

  • Corporate management
  • National and international financial management
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Media, marketing, and advertising
  • Brokerage
  • Insurance
  • Investment services and banks
  • Financial planning
  • Private Banks
  • Credit unions

Think about it this way: virtually any sector you can come up with needs certain traits. Strong, determined and capable leaders, financial advisors, managers, and well-groomed decision-makers. This is where you come in: because business programs, be they online business programs or traditional ones, focus on the same curriculum and ensure that you develop the skills required in any business-related field.

high salary prospects for online business administration degree holders

Aside from the satisfaction that versatility can offer, financial reward is also a strong incentive. Business graduates often find themselves securing jobs that are extremely well paying. Of course, salaries vary in accordance to experience and job title. However, the following are average salaries you may earn after you have earned a bachelor’s or a master’s in business or finance:

  • corporate manager salary: $78,342
  • financial manager salary: $103,910
  • financial analyst salary: $74,350
  • sales manager salary: $63,000
  • Average personal financial advisor salary: $64,750

Other Advantages of Online Business Degree Programs

Aside from salary prospects and job opportunities, business degree holders also enjoy numerous other benefits. And earning your degree online allows you to further your education while not having to put your life on hold during your studies. You can still enjoy flexibility and maintain your full-time job.

The curriculum of most Universities and Colleges that offer online business degrees is similar to that of any traditional program.

The skills you acquire cover the basics of any business module, such as data analysis, business strategy, accounting and statistics. Moreover, your online education will also ensure that, after your graduation, you can live up to the requirements of any employer and organization as the business professional that you will have become.

Studying from home can help with both time management and stress relief. Online business courses are an excellent choice both for busy mothers who only find time for themselves once the children are asleep and full time workers who can’t get out of the office during the day and attend classes.

bachelors degree in business administration

Another advantage of obtaining an online business degree is the fact that the lack of conventional office hours make your teachers that much easier to reach. Your teachers will most likely be more available online as on-campus teachers are, so you won’t be missing any student discussion or interaction. Last but not least, earning your degree online is an affordable option to traditional education

Universities and Colleges Offering Online Business Degrees

In total, there are over 46,000 total online and campus-based business degree programs for you to choose from.

Top-tier universities offer such online business degrees. Starting with Penn State University (48th national research institution) and New York University, ranking 41st among the top universities of the world.  Pennsylvania State offers a Bachelor in Science in Business and the diploma is identical to that earned by on-campus students. NYU offers a Master’s Degree in HR Management and Development as well as a Master’s in Management and Systems.

The University of Michigan offers two distinct programs: an online bachelor’s in Business Administration and an online master’s in Accounting. Other interesting programs are Carnegie Mellon University’s Computational Finance Masters of Science program and Boston University’s Masters of Science in Banking & Financial Services Management.

Another benefit to online education is the fact that you can opt for an accelerated online degree program. Compressing your course load into shorter sessions, so that you may finish your studies faster than normally. Many students focus better on their education when forced to focus intensely for shorter periods of time.

Countless universities offer accredited degrees and high-quality programs. Your online business degree will be just as valuable as the one that a student learning on-campus would have received.

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