Why would anyone want a math riddle for kids? Well, one of the fun ways to spark the interest of children is with a few math riddles. Whether you are a teacher a parent, these fun, really clever riddles will be sure to fit your needs. Not only are they great brain food, getting good at them may just help with word problems later on.

Students can try to solve a riddle before class begins to get the mind thinking or try to solve a riddle at the end of the class as a way to get out of homework if they are able to solve the puzzle. Some children genuinely like math problems of all kinds and would be happy with a riddle of the day on a bedroom wall.

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12 Cool Math Riddles for Kids

1. All in the Family

At the breakfast table, two fathers and two sons enjoyed a plate of eggs. The group ate three eggs. Each person was able to have an egg. How is this possible? This is a riddle that will get you thinking in the morning. It’s somewhat easy to solve if you think about the relationships that the fathers and sons have instead of the number of people. You’ll find that there aren’t as many people involved as you think there are in one of these types of fun riddles for kids.

2. Frequency

There is a number that is the most frequent between 1 and 1,000. Avoid doing any kind of math, such as addition or subtraction, while trying to figure out the answer. All you have to do is look for a pattern with the numbers. The common digit that you’ll see is one that is apparently one that is hard to see until you begin sifting through all of the numbers.

3. At the Hotel

One day, three men decided to rent a hotel room. The fee for the room is $30. They all go to their room, and the bellhop brings up their bags a short time later. He also gives the men $5 back because there is a special at the hotel. Keeping $1 each, the men give the bellhop a tip of $2. They soon add up everything that they have spent for the weekend, but they are confused with the answer that they get. When the men checked in, they had $10 each for the bill. Each man got back $1, so that would mean they only paid $9. The bellhop got a $2 tip, but they ended with $29 instead of $30.

4. Shipping Issues

A manager has to figure out the best way to ship his products. Each carton can hold eight large boxes or 10 small ones. He sent 96 boxes with one shipment. How many cartons were shipped all together if more large ones were used? This is a riddle that you have to use a few math skills to solve along with a little bit of guesswork and playing with the numbers.

5. The Farmer

A farmer needed to cross a river with a fox, rabbit and some carrots. He can only fit one item on a small raft with him, leaving the other two behind. What is the best way to take each item across without the animals harming each other or eating the carrots. If the rabbit stays, he will eat the carrots, which is something you want to keep in mind when solving the riddle.

6. Selling Insurance

When an insurance salesman went to a woman’s home, he asked her if she had any children. She told him that she had three kids, and he asked their ages. The ages of the children multiplied is 36. Adding the children’s ages gives the salesman the number of the house next door. The oldest child plays the piano. Think about why the salesman went back to the woman’s home to get a final hint if he saw the number on the home next door.

7. Finding The Door

One of the math riddles for kids that is rather fun is one with three doors. A car is behind one door, and there is a goat behind the other two doors. Pick any door, and open it to see what’s behind. A goat is behind one of the doors that is opened. Should your door be switched, or should you keep the door?

8. Birthdays

If you’re looking for fun math riddles for kids, then consider this one. Two girls were born to a mother on the same day and in the same year and the same month. They aren’t twins. How is this possible?

9. Adding Numbers

There is one way to get to 1,000, but you can only use eight numbers. The only way that you can reach 1,000 is to add the numbers together. Think about how many numbers you can use, and this will lead you to the answer of one of the fun math riddles for kids.

10. Buying Seeds

When three brothers bought seeds to use on a farm, it resulted in one of the math riddles for kids that is somewhat easy to solve. One brother has 75 sacks while the other has 45. The sacks are divided evenly. A customer pays $1,400 for the wheat. How much did each farmer pay?

11. Children

A man has two children. The oldest child is a boy. Would the second child be a boy or a girl? This is one of the fun math riddles for kids that is easy to answer if you think about using percentages.

12. Weights

One of the math riddles for kids that has been around for a while involves weights. Does a pound of gold or a pound of feathers weigh more? The answer might seem easy, but you have to think about the question. You also need to think about how metals are measured.

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Summing Up

What did you think of these math riddles for kids? Did you show them to your kid? We hope we’ve helped him or her understand a few basics when it comes to maths. Let us know if you have other suggestions of your own!

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