Whether they are just starting out in life as a curious preschooler or a precocious middle schooler, learning activities for kids are important. Many of them are also super easy and cheap, or free, to do. We’ve gathered the best suggestions on educational activities for kids of all ages for you, enjoy!

Implementing learning activities for kids in a child’s daily routine is essential for his/her mental development. The real challenge is to make learning activities for kids seem fun. One of the best ways to help a preschooler, pupil or student acquire new knowledge is through games or exciting activities such as cooking, dance, crafts and more.

Today we would like to take a look at different indoor and outdoor activities for kids, or online learning activities for kids that will sharpen the mind. I should note that different activities are best for different age groups, so we have also categorized the best activities according to age.

1. Learning Activities for Toddlers

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The first few years of life are crucial for laying the foundations of future education. Even though toddlers spend most of their time at home, this doesn’t mean that they can’t learn new things. As someone once elegantly put it, the world is one big classroom for toddlers. In other words, you can use just about anything around you to educate your toddler, as long as you do so in a fun and engaging way. Here are a few learning activities you should consider:

Learning Numbers:

Most toddlers memorize and recite numbers from 1 to 10 without making a mistake. However, the ability to truly count usually comes during preschool. If you want your toddler to truly understand the value of numbers you can bolster their recognition through simple exercises. For example, you can count shoes while you’re getting dressed, or tableware while you’re preparing dinner. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers while numbering, and encourage your little one to do the same. Another thing you could do would be to teach your toddler how to separate stuff. Ask him/her to organize his stuffed toys or to put similar objects in their proper place. Follow up with questions such as ‘Which pile has the most objects?” or “How many stuffed animals do we have here?”

Play with forms:

There are countless of toys that require toddlers to insert the correct shape in its corresponding slot. If you’d rather have fun with some DIY crafts you can create a shape book by drawing and cutting out shapes on pieces of paper. Flip through magazines with your toddler and find shapes that match each one. The last suggestion would be to bake cookies or prepare sandwiches that have different shapes.

Memorizing Letters:

Toddlers are able to distinguish letters starting with the age of two. You can help the little one recognize more letters by setting up small banners throughout the home (on the fridge, in the bathroom etc.). One of the best ways to memorize letters is by attributing them to objects or names (“J” is for “Janette”, “D” is for dog etc.).

2. Learning Activities for Preschoolers

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 In today’s day and age, one of the best ways to help your preschooler develop his mental capabilities is by allowing him to play logical games on the computer or tablet. As far as physical capabilities are concerned, outdoor or indoor activities in groups (examples: hide’n’seek, ring around the pony, hula-hoops etc.) are arguably the best choice. You could also focus on social & emotional development activities or communication, language or literacy learning sessions. Below are a few educational activities and games for kids:

Letter & Number Hunt:

This game is similar to treasure hunts, with the only exception that you’re not hunting for treasures, but for letters & numbers. Children are extremely inquisitive by nature, and they will love the idea of treasure hunting, especially if there’s a prize at the end of it.

Arts & Crafts:

This type of activity is suitable for children of all ages. The real challenge is to find a suitable craft. Younger children can create cereal trees, sound sensory jars, window paint figurines & more.

Online Activities for Kids:

You can also let your kid play math, logical, reading or writing games on websites such as PBS, or Khan Academy.

Learning Apps for Preschoolers:

I recommend apps such as Teach Me Kindergarten, Timmy’s Kindergarten Adventure, PBS Parents Play and Learn or JumpStart Preschool to preschoolers.

3. Learning Activities for Older Kids

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There are a number of activities that can entice the young mind. Older children should can spend their free time productively by playing logical games such as chess, enrolling for specialized online courses, or joining workshops. You should always consult with your child before deciding on a learning activity. Here are a few suggestions that you can run past him:

Thematic Workshops:

are great, not only because they will give your chance to learn something new, but also because they represent perfect opportunities for him/her to make new friends.

Online Courses: 

can help your teenager improve his knowledge on specific subjects. There are plenty of online courses for kids that you can choose from.

Online Games: 

believe it or not, games can actually make your teenagers smarter. It has been scientifically proven that games, regardless of their genre, can improve a child’s dexterity, mental capabilities, reaction time and more. In addition to this, violent games don’t make kids become more aggressive, the same way that surgeon games don’t make them surgeons. As long as your kid spends a decent amount of time playing games in a controlled environment there’s no reason for him/her to not benefit from them.

Arts & Crafts: As mentioned above, arts and crafts also represent learning activities for kids of all ages.