Have you been looking for more kids sing along songs to entertain your child? Do they burst into song every time their favorite comes on the radio? Here are some clean, fun songs that parents and children alike will love to play and join in. Trying out new songs is a great way to have fun and learn about music.

Here’s a list of rousing kids sing along songs your children can learn today! Some of the songs are serious, and some are just silly. But no matter what song you sing, you’re sure to have a blast! You can dance to these as you sing along. You can choose other songs for dancing. But you’re to enjoy these 11 kids sing along songs!

11 Kinds Sing Along Songs You Would Love to Hear Again

1. “Let it Go” (Frozen)

Everyone loves Frozen, and this song is one of the best from the movie. It is a fun song to sing along to, especially for your children. There are high and low notes, and the song is full of energy. “Let It Go” is one of the most popular songs for girls to sing. It can be a little hard, but if they practice, their audience will love how it sounds. Girls will feel just like Princess Elsa.

2. “Please Don’t Play Your Violin At Night” (Beethoven’s Wig)

If your child sometimes likes silly kids sing along songs, this is the song for them! This is a song about a violinist who keeps everyone up at night with his music. Usually, two people sing it: One is the musician and the other is the annoyed person. There are lots of lyrics, and they can also learn about the classical genre! The tune is to a Mozart song called “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,” which is German for a little serenade.

3. “I Didn’t Mean to Burp” (Preschool Popstars)

Here’s another funny sing along song. “I Didn’t Mean to Burp” sounds like a pop song that you hear on the radio, but it’s full of funny lyrics. There’s even a hilarious cartoon music video you can find on YouTube. Your kids can make their friends and family laugh by dancing and singing this song like your favorite pop star. Later, you can add your own lyrics to end!

4. “How Far I’ll Go” (Moana)

Moana is Disney’s latest movie, and “How Far I’ll Go” is the most famous song from the movie. The beat is very fast, so your kids might need to practice a little. Once they learn it, they’ll feel like they can do anything. Plus, they learn a song that all their friends love. Lots of movie theaters have sing along events to Moana, so you can take them there to sing in a big group, too.

5. “Witch Doctor” (Alvin and the Chipmunks)

If your kids like the Chipmunks, then they probably already know this song. You’ll be surprised how many people know this very famous song — even adults can sing it. The most fun part about kids sing along songs like this is that your little ones can have a competition for who can sing it the fastest without getting tongue-tied. There are also lots of remixes online that have a good dancing beat.

6. “Beethoven’s Wig” (Beethoven’s Wig)

Beethoven is a classical musician that you know. This song is about, of course, his wig and how big it is! Like “Please Don’t Play Your Violin At Night,” this song’s tune comes from a famous classical song. Your kids have the chance to learn about Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, which is one of most famous songs in the world. If you know someone who plays piano, they can play along with you or even with them!

7. “Pokemon Theme Song” (Pokemon)

Chances are, your kids love Pokemon. If they don’t, then they probably know someone who does! This song comes from the Pokemon TV show. It’s very easy to sing, and it’s very fun to sing with a group of people. The lyrics aren’t hard, and the energy of the song will get them ready to meet all of the challenges of life. Sing it with them while they’re out playing Pokemon Go!

8. “Where is My Hairbrush” (VeggieTales)

Is your kids’ room really messy? Do they lose things a lot? You’ll like this song, then. It’s about Larry the Cucumber, who lost his hairbrush. The funny thing is he doesn’t even have hair! This may seem a silly song to sing for you because it tells a story. Get your children or their friends to learn it with you. This way, you will enjoy the moment when they’ll leave everyone laughing!

9. “The Pirate Song” (Tony and the Kids)

Every child wants to be a pirate! Like lots of kids sing along songs, this song practices their rhymes. It also has movements they can do during the chorus, so it’s fun to do in the car or on the school bus. When they memorize the song, they can add their own lyrics to the end and keep it going for as long as they want. Make it extra fun by giving your kids eye patches and dressing like pirates.

10. “Five Fruit Flies Flew” (Songdrops)

Try to have your kids say “five fruit flies flew” out loud! It’s a tongue twister, and this song really stretches out their tongue! The tune is easy, but they’ll probably have to start out with a slow beat so they can get the lyrics down. Once they know them, challenge their friends to sing it faster than them. They’ll roll on the floor laughing as everyone messes it up!

11. “Wakko’s 50 States and Capitals” (Animaniacs)

If you live in the United States, it’s important that your kids learn all 50 states and their capital cities. The song goes to a popular tune they might already know, and the beat isn’t very fast, so they can learn it easily with some practice. Once they know the words, they’ll be able to name all of the states.

Pressing Play!

Kids sing along songs are a great way to learn music and have fun. You can find all of these songs online and start teach them to your kids right away. If they really enjoy kids sing along songs, you can help them download new songs. You’ll love to hear them sing! Have fun and happy singing!

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