Do your kids get bored and restless when bad weather coops them up inside? We’ve got 14 fun things for kids to do inside on a rainy day to chase away the blahs. Our Super Kidz team has put together some exciting arts, crafts, and science projects. We’ve also thrown in some games and some indoor-friendly active play.

"Home activities on a Rainy Day"

Show your child that even your home can become his playground.

The first thing you should bear in mind while planning these indoor activities for kids is that you should maintain a balance between physical and mental activities.

Boring your child to death with scientific experiment and fun facts about our planet might not be the best idea. Also, keep in mind that too much physical activity can make your children restless when it comes to bedtime.

For your convenience, we have split the article into three major sections. The first section will teach all there is to know about organizing fun arts, crafts and science activities for your children, while the second section will show you how you can make your toddler exercise on a rainy day. Last, but not least, the third section will give you some valuable info about various indoor playgrounds that may be found near you.

Fun Arts, Crafts, and Science Indoor Activities for Children

"Indoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day "

When it comes to organizing indoor games for your kids, only your imagination is the limit.

1. Hobby Books

Turn your child into bone fide artists by helping him make his first collage book. All you need is a pair of scissors, some glue, a couple of old magazines, and some paper.

Start out by showing your child the magazines and asking if they like any pictures. Carefully cut out the indicated image. Give your child some paper and some non-toxic glue. Glue the pictures on the paper and bind the book together using paper clips, pipe cleaners, or staples.

"Indoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day "

To make a collage, use glue, paper, a pair of scissors and clipping from an old magazine.

2. DIY Puppet Theater

Let your child’s imagination loose with this amazing arts and crafts project. It’s very easy to make, and your kids are going to adore this one.

Look for a cardboard box. It doesn’t have to be too big. A medium-sized one will do, but just be sure to check if the box is clean.

Start out by cutting a hole, which will be the scene for the puppets. You can use a pair of scissors or even a box cutter. It would be a good idea for you to handle this part of the operation.

After cutting the hole for the scene, raise the box’s laterals up and secure them with duct tape. You can use the scissors to fashion an Arabic architectural motif.

Color the puppet house using crayons or non-toxic paint. Don’t forget to secure the other sides of the box using the duct tape. Don’t worry about the theater looking ugly. You can cover the excess duct tape using glitter and paint.

Now, it’s time for the curtains. For this stage of the project, you can use a simply decorated napkin or a piece of cloth. Take some string and secure it with duct tape over the curtain’s opening. Now, take the material used for the curtain and cut it in half.

If you’re using napkins, you can fold them in half and put them on the string. On the other hand, for those using cloth, you can take needle and thread to sew the curtain onto the string.

Add some more details to your DIY puppet theater. Use glitter, various colors, and cardboard. Enjoy the show, folks!

Indoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day

Use additional materials found in your household like old T-shirts or plain pieces of cloth to give your theater a little more pizzazz.

3. Homemade Catapult

Reenact a medieval castle siege scene in your living room with this cool science project. Build your very own catapult and crown your child the king of the mountain. It’s easy to make, and you usually can find the required materials in your cellar or garage.

Start by looking for a stiff board. Foam core board is excellent, but if you can’t find one, you can glue several layers of cardboard together to create one. On the board, stick another layer of cardboard. This will be the base of your launching mechanism.

Using a plastic tube, fasten it on the bottom of the board, right in the middle. Use duct tape for this operation. Now, take a milk bottle cap and attach it on one of the catapult’s ends using glue.

Craft ammunition using pom-poms, tin foils balls, or plastic bottle caps.

"Indoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day "

You can even reuse plastic materials found in your household in order to make the catapult project more eye-pleasing.

4. Pulley Project

This project is perfect for 5- or 6-year-old kids who take an interest in science. Use this simple homemade project to show him or her the ABCs of engineering. On top of that, anyone can devise this simple device by paying a visit to the local hardware store.

Look for a wheel. It shouldn’t be too expensive, just be sure the wheel has grooves on it. Buy some string and a hook.

At home, look for a good place to hang the makeshift pulley. Fasten the hook, attach the wheel, and put some string in the groove. Explain to your child the simple mechanics behind this ingenious device.

"Indoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day "

The grooved wheels used for pulleys can be found at any hardware store.

Physical Indoor Activities for Kids

5. Jump Rope

This game doesn’t need too much explanation. But, be careful about grumpy neighbors.

6. Dance Party

Play some music and teach your child how to dance.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Write clues on pieces of paper and hide them around the house.

8. Freeze Dance

Play some music. When it stops, everyone must stand still until it starts again.

9. Jumping Jacks

Attach some army meaning to the exercise

10. Obstacle Course

Rearrange the furniture in one room to create the illusion of obstacles. Then run timed races.

11. Bowling Ball Alley

Use plastic milk bottles filled with water. Any child’s bouncing ball can be used for a bowling ball.

12. Pillow Fights

13. Popcorn Pushups

14. Headstands

"Indoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day "

Here’s a few tips on how to get your child to exercise indoors.

Places with Fun Indoor Activities

Big cities like New York City, Sidney, Houston, Chicago, San Antonio, and Dallas have indoor playgrounds for the littles ones. But, losing yourself in the big city is pretty easy, so, it’s often hard to find the perfect indoor play place for your kid.

We at have managed to track down some places, both in the U.S. and outside the country, where your child can spend some quality time.

If you’re in New York City, you might try taking your child to the Upper West Side, where the Museum of Natural History has just opened its Discovery Room. Best suited for children between 5- and 12 years-old, the Discovery Room has many exciting hotspots like the archeological dig site and the planetarium.

In Sidney, you and your child can check out the Powerhouse Museum. There’s always some activity going on there, and your children will be truly absorbed by the quaint collection of gizmos..

In Houston, parents and their kids can check out the Downtown Aquarium and the Upstage Theater, each of them offering hard-to-forget experiences.

Don’t forget to check out the Little Beans Café if you’re visiting Chicago. The place has ninja obstacles and tree houses and also offers courses such dance, yoga, and ping-pong.

In San Antonio, you can take your child to the Pee Wee Bees place. With just $10 per child, the locale offers many activities, including bouncy houses and toys. Adults can wait for their children at the snack bar.

There you have it: Whether it’s a rainy day or winter, there’s always something to do inside the house. Keep these simple indoor activities in mind for kids, and your child will never get bored on a rainy day again.

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