Reading and writing are two major skills that every child needs to develop. Educators say that the benefits of reading to children are proven from an early age. Reading to your kid helps them become smarter adults. It’s also a golden opportunity to bond with your child by sharing adventures and learning together.

the importance of reading to children

Why Is Reading Important for Children?

Reading should be an important part of every kid’s life. Even if your child is too young to read on their own, you should start reading to them from an early age. Below is a list with some of the main benefits of reading to children:

  • It helps your kids develop language and vocabulary skills. Reading aloud will help your kids understand the world around them because the hearing sense is involved. Some people even learn easier and more quickly by hearing the words instead of only reading them.
  • You should start reading to your children even before they can. This helps them develop a more complex vocabulary by the age of three.
  • The importance of reading to children is also expressed by the fact that they will develop a strong association between books and reading. This is especially true if the parent who is reading to the child is acting in a loving and nurturing way. Furthermore, studies show that kids can cope better with a period of stress and anxiety if they read aloud or if a parent reads to them.
  • Parents that read to their children help prepare their kids for a more successful school career. The experiences and activities that children have during their first years of life will build their foundation as adults. Stories make a great impact on kids, especially because it exposes them to words and expressions that they do not hear in their daily activities.
  • By reading to your children, you will also improve their listening skills. This is a crucial ability, not only for when they are in school but also for further life interactions and experiences.

Reading Builds a Love of Learning

Furthermore, the imagination of your kids when you read to them is set free. They can create their own visual world of magic. Small kids first need to listen to stories for them to start reading the stories on their own.

Reading aloud is not only good for small children but also for school-aged kids. It influences their fluent reading skills. By repeating this process daily, your kids become fans of a particular author or style or even specific series of books. This means they’ll be inspired to do more independent reading.

The importance of reading to children is also expressed in the creation of a stronger relationship with the parent. The best way to read a story to your kid is for both of you to cuddle on a comfortable bed or sofa. Hold your child in your arms while you help him discover the magical world of fantasy and literature.

How Should You Read to Babies and Children?

  • Hold your child on your lap during the reading. This will forge a stronger connect between you.
  • Bring the characters to life. Try reading with a different intonation, depending on which book character you play. Use multiple tones of voice and stop at times to create suspense.
  • Create an interactive reading process. Involve your kid in the whole experience. Ask him long she is willing to listen to your reading and if she wants to act as a specific character while you read. Furthermore, discuss the text or the story before and after the actual reading.
  • When it comes to babies, you should pick colorful books that do not have a lot of text. Also, make sure that your baby can see the book’s picture throughout the entire reading process.
  • For babies, it is important to involve as many senses as you can in the storytelling. Enhance their attention by making sounds or singing some parts of the book. Moreover, try to show them the picture in the book that matches the part you are reading. This way, they will easily make associations between words and pictures.
  • If your kid falls in love with a certain book, do not refuse his request to read that particular book again and again.
  • A creative way to maintain your children’s attention is to offer them some coloring crayons and ask them if they want to draw things or characters while you read. This way, you will see for yourself the way their imagination takes off and creates the world described in the book in their mind.
  • When it comes to preschoolers, you can even ask them to give recommendations or suggestions on how they would have designed the covers or written the book.

Whether you follow the above guidelines or choose to create your customized reading experience, you should always involve your children in the reading process. This will help them become independent readers. Furthermore, once they grow up, they will also pass the text through their mind filter and will discover a new perspective on life.

What Types of Books Should You Read to Your Children?

the importance of reading to children preschoolers

  • Picture storybooks. Images are the focal point of these books. Thees type of books are appropriate for small children because they have clear and simple storylines. Moreover, the colorful pictures will make your kids pay attention to what you are reading for a longer period.
  • Interactive books. With the help of these books, you will involve your kids in the reading process. These are also educational books because it requires your children to repeat the suggestions made in them.
  • Predictable books. These type of books will help your kids foresee what will come next and how the book will end. Some fictional works will also require the child to write or create the ending. This will improve the kids’ writing and creative skills.
  • Informational books. These books are not fictional works and have practical topics such as animals, the universe, science, and other interesting educational suthat children are interested in.

In Conclusion

Parents are the first and the best role models for their children. Therefore, if your kid sees you reading often, he or she will probably develop the same positive habit. The importance of reading to children is proven by your kid’s proper development and by the way they will act and perform in school and later on, in life.

To sum up, there are many things to take into consideration when discussing the importance of reading to children. No matter how busy you are as a working parent, you should always find time to spend quality moments with your children. Share an adventure. Make memories. Learn new things as a family. This will make them aware of the benefits of reading.

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