Knowing exactly how to behave around women can be extremely tricky. There are countless social norms to be respected when dealing with women of different ages. None of us understood everything starting out, so let’s see how to treat a woman: a definitive guide to all ages. The simplest part is respect.

You may have realized by now, given that you’re still reading this article, that different women may need different ways in which you address them. Assuming you already know how you treat your mother, let us look at how you treat girls the same age as you. How you act around your girlfriend, and maybe even how you treat an older, elderly woman. If you’re a girl reading, you may want to pay attention yourself to the last part. Since the way we treat our elders does not differ that much when it comes to their gender.

How to Treat Girls the Same Age as You

how to treat a woman

From your classmates to the girls across the block, to your girlfriend – these next tips and tricks do apply to everyone. Even if your significant other may hold a special place in your heart and you feel that these rules should not stand, they still do. It’s just that sometimes they can be bent, provided that the personal nature of the relationship is evolved enough.

How to treat a girl right might seem like a subject of an endless debate. It depends. If the woman in question is not behaving properly, then do no not automatically assume that you are the one that has done something wrong.


Although it may sound like a cliché (a cliché is something that has become so overused that it tends to lose its value), it really is important that you treat the girl with respect. However much this may come out as stating the obvious, it cannot be stressed enough. Respect comes out as natural and is the normal thing to do when you meet someone new, no matter her physical appearance, or whether you like her or not. A true gentleman does not discriminate on account of anything. If the girl is being rude to you, simply turn your back with the calm of the ocean on a clear day. Do not provoke girls, you will end up losing part of your dignity, and it is also impolite to talk back to anyone.

Still, do not treat her with too much respect. She’s not your grandma, to which we will get to immediately (see below), so don’t start being overly polite. While some girls may find it cute, most of the girls your age just creep out and can even get insulted by the fact that you are treating them like old ladies. Be nice, but don’t offer to help her cross the street, she can do it on her own. Women, in general, appreciate men who are polite, but don’t want to be treated like they can’t do things.

How to Treat your Girlfriend

how to treat a woman

As previously stated, your girlfriend really occupies the most special place in your heart. Especially when you’re in your first relationship ever. So you have to be extra careful. Of course, this is the case only if you actually have a girlfriend. If you don’t, worry not, you can find some advice over here, but don’t take too much for granted.

Here are some ways to treat your girl right: first of all, don’t think of her as your girl it’s disrespectful and offensive. She is not anybody’s girl in that she is not actually owned by you. You may call her your girlfriend, since she is, or any other nickname you want. Ask her how she feels about nicknames, if she loves or hates certain ones, and really listen.

Second of all, again, listen to her. Don’t always talk only about yourself, as you may seem self-centered and egocentric. Never assume her problems are less important than yours. Equally important is to be a good conversationalist. Bluntly put: talk to her, and don’t be boring. This leads up to the third point:

Don’t behave around her as you would around your “boy” friends. At least, never assume that she’s okay with that. While some girls do like to watch gross movies and burp while eating potato chips and fizzy drinks, it’s really, really offensive for many. Never do this unless it’s her idea.

how to treat a woman

The fourth and last, but not least: don’t ever forget gifts on important occasions. And never listen to her when she says she doesn’t want any more gifts. That’s a lie. That’s a big, big lie. Gift her on all special occasions like her birthday, your anniversary, her name day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any other important date for her. Even more so, every day together is a celebration, so be thankful for it and give her small tokens of your love every time you get the chance. Did you see something cute and affordable? Go for it!

How to Treat Older Women

Older women are the trickiest ones to deal with, sometimes. And this one applies to both boys as well as girls. It’s not only a matter of behaving correctly around them and not making a hackle when they are around; it’s good to be as nice as possible. And here’s how and why:

First of all, like all women, assume the elderly have all once been the same age as you, and probably just as open-minded as you are now. Try to understand that and that, despite their often-frail physical appearance, and strange last-century manners, at some point in their lives they too had difficulty dealing with relationships. And they also were probably a bit prejudiced against their elders. Once you see this, you can understand much better what they are going through.

Most older adults do not have the comfort of friends their age around. When they do, it’s easier for them, but many become estranged with their old friends, some of whom are not still with them. Therefore, their greatest need is for companions, someone to talk to.

If you see that your grandma is sad, go to her and ask her how she is doing, maybe that will be reason enough for her to feel better. The main reason why we have to respect our elders is that we have to respect the countless amount of experience they have gathered over the years. You respect ordinary people not because of what they did, but because of what they are capable of doing. With the elderly, it’s because of both what they did and what they can still do. So double the average dose.

how to treat a woman

So, what have you learned today about treating the girls in your life? Do you now know how to treat a woman right? Do you think you need further advice? You can always go to your grandma to help you with advice with your girlfriend, or the other way around. It’s a win-win situation.

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