None of us started out knowing how to date, and let’s face it, some of us are just never aces at it. Perhaps, that is because dating doesn’t come with a handbook. Dating can be hard, but never more than when we are dealing with adolescence, too. So, here’s the best advice for how to date as a teen.

Social interaction can be extraordinarily difficult. We’ve heard and seen it in the best: from pop star feuds to celebrity relationship wrecks, to extremely long periods of being single or stars who’ve made the headlines with new relationship gossip every week. Suffice to say, a how-to date set of advice is never unwelcome, especially for when we are young.

Adolescence is the time of pure, unadulterated love. It’s the time when crushes burn brighter than a torch in the pitch-black darkness and are extinguished just as quickly. But sometimes, just sometimes, these crushes can become something more. A date. Almost all young girls dream forbidden dreams like holding hands and going out with the guys they like. Surprisingly, boys are equally, if not more romantic. So how can you make your feelings reach him/her and get that exciting first date?

There are some unwritten rules to this strange ritual that in which humans engage. Let’s talk a bit about all these since many of you out there could be entirely dumbfounded when it comes to your first date.

how to date as a teenager

How to Start Dating Boys – the Foolproof Way

To help you better understand how to find a date, how to date a shy guy, or even how to act on a date, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with insights into a boy’s mind. Here’s the girl’s guide to how to think like boys (don’t worry lads, we’ve got you covered as well)

If you’ve developed a huge crush, you may be asking yourself many things about how to date that special someone. Since you probably have next-to-no experience in this regard, all you can do is blush whenever he is around. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. If you are serious about the way you feel, we can help you revel in romantic bliss with some insights on a boy’s mind.

The first thing you should know about guys is that they are usually pretty straightforward. Unless he’s totally head over heels for you, you may find it difficult actually to reach him with sentimentalities or to get a from-the-heart reaction from him.

Let’s look at how to find a date, specifically, the perfect date. Now, you may not even need to look further than your Facebook profile. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a Facebook profile in this day and age? If a boy finds a girl interesting, certain things will happen. Remember that at the age when dating starts, boys don’t really understand social etiquette, and they may appear creepy and obnoxious, when in fact they are just innocently following their heart. Let’s see when and where the line should be drawn.

First and foremost, as I have said, check your Facebook. If a boy likes a girl, he will like most or all of her posts. So first, look at all of your previous updates on your timeline. Single out those likes that fit your acceptable date profile. Shift through all the likes from your stalker-ish parents, ignore the fact that your aunt decided to like every single thing, even the fact that you are going to attend your birthday party, and then look which of the remaining people fit your general age.

The problem with this is that, if you’re a girl, chances are you have 20+ likes on most posts, provided you have an average amount of friends. So finding out who likes everything you do would be hard. But here’s the foolproof technique to find out who really follows you: due to the way Facebook works, if someone constantly checks your profile, or likes your posts, then you will automatically appear near the top of his or her news feed.

So: wait for your crush to be online and then post something, the most obscure and unlikable thing you can think of, you can remove it afterward. If the boy likes the post in less than 30 minutes, then something is going on there.

how to date as a teenager

Now post something you actually like, and then when he likes it, ask him about it. You can do this either online, or when you next see him. You may just end up going on a date. Also, when talking to him, don’t look desperate, try to talk about your shared interests. On the first date, be cool. I know it’s really, really difficult, but try to let everything flow naturally – boys get scared when girls get too close, especially when they’re still young.

Let’s also assume that neither you, nor him, are using Facebook. You see each-other at school, or you hang out in the same social group. This means that most of your social interaction happens in real-life. It can be quite difficult to find the right moment to ask him on a date, so you should focus on strengthening your relationship with him in the meanwhile. As mentioned above, you should focus on subjects of common interest. Does he: Ever ask you to come outside? Send you texts? Look excited when you show up? All of these things can be indicative of his feelings towards you. With time, his feelings for you will become easier to read, and you can ask him out. You know. To hang out. Just the two of you.

Now let’s talk about the how to date as a boy. This topic may also be of interest to the girls around here, so stick around, you might learn something.

How to Start Dating Girls – the Endlessly Complicated Way

When you want to go out with a girl, there’s no simple way around it. It’s a long, unnecessarily complicated process by which 90% of the time you will fail. But don’t you lose hope just yet! First of all, try the method described above, it may actually work. Or it won’t. It depends on how much emphasis the girl puts on social etiquette. What is social etiquette? Well, behaving in society.

Now the first thing to know about going out with girls is stop thinking about them as girls. Girls like to be considered women, especially at the young stages of dating. So think: how to start dating women, and not girls. Except, of course, for those girls who don’t want to think of themselves as women, but would prefer to be considered something endlessly stuck in childhood. Which some girls are. But don’t assume any one of these are true. Sounds complicated? That’s because it is.

how to date as a teenager

Bottom line for this: always check before assuming something with a woman. Actions speak louder than words. You will probably never know exactly if she wants to hold hands, if she wants flowers, if she wants to kiss, or if she wants you to take her home, but the best way to find out is to actually do all of these things. Of course, some may get offended when you do them and this is exactly why you have to take it one step at a time. Analyze her reactions. If you’ve made a mistake, back up slowly and explain exactly what when through your mind. She will appreciate honesty.

These are all applicable both prior, during, and after the first date. But to get that date, sometimes it’s as simple as ‘I like you. Want to go out?’ Most girls appreciate bluntness, they often expect it from men. And if she says no, you’ll avoid the endless inner turmoil that will befall your soul if you enter into the “courting ritual.” You’ll spare yourself the trouble. Be happy, not sad, if a girl refuses you; it may be for the best.

Also, there are a few certain ways to a girl’s heart for boys: music (sing her a song), candy, flowers, gifts, poetry. These are sure to work. Sometimes. At least once in a while. Mostly. Well, some may give the exact opposite results. If all else fails, you can always blame it on this article.

So, have you learned anything? Did we leave something you think important out? Let us know. Have you already had revelations about your Facebook ‘stalkers’?

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