Funny Videos for kids are, often, either not funny nor what we want our kids watching. But, kid’s love to laugh, and we love to let them. So, we have gathered 15 of the funnies parent-approved, kid-loved videos for you. Your children will love these funny videos, and you’ll be happy, too.

Laughter is the medicine to life. Did you know that laughter boosts your endorphins and helps alleviate your stress response? A child may have a rough day at school or get stressed out from their homework. Sometimes, they just want to relax and have a good time! These top 15 funny videos for kids are bound be a hoot and a great way to bond with kids of all ages. From the classic cat videos to the bizarre, these funny videos for kids will have kids of all ages in for a treat!

15 Videos for Kids to Have a Laugh at

1. Roomba Shark-Cat Item 1

Everyone loves a classic cat video. There is nothing better than a cat video with a twist! Watch this cat wearing a shark costume ride a roomba around the kitchen while chasing a bird! Have you ever read a stranger sentence? We didn’t think so! Check out one of the most funny videos for kids!

2. Spider Dog Item 2

What is it about animals wearing costumes that has us in laughing fits? Watch a dog scare people all around town in his mutant spider costume in this clever video!

3. Goats Yelling Like Humans Item 3

Do you ever feel like you can understand an animal when they “speak” to you? Well, that can apply to goats too! Check out this hilariously strange compilation of goats yelling like humans.

4. Lion Prank Item 4

A little ingenuity goes a long way with this next video! Roar with laughter thanks to this golden retriver shaking up society by wearing a lion’s mane. His zoo keeper owner shakes things up when he asks bystanders if they have seen a lion.

5. Bad Day for Smiley Item 5

Yard sales can be a great way for families to earn a little extra cash while getting rid of their excess stuff. All this person wanted to do was bring in more revenue. It looks like even the happiest of faces can fall down! Thanks to winning America’s Funniest Home Video’s, yard sales are probably a thing of the past.

6. Dog Howling at Flute Playing Item 6

The flute is a wonderful instrument that is music to the ears. Well, not everyone’s ears! Here is one of many funny videos for kids when we watch a girl try her hardest to practice the flute while her dog lays in the background moaning and howling as if he has had enough!

7. Laughing Quadruplets Item 7

There is probably nothing better than a happy baby. Except for being surrounded in laughter and four happy babies! A dad prepares his babies to eat some dinner with a healthy dose of laughter!

8. The Unicorn and it’s Feelers Item 8

Unicorns are majestic and magical creatures that reign in fairy tales across the world. Sometimes they’re just a little more unique or shall we say bizarre?! This family came up with a great idea to pass the time driving on the road. This is probably one of the strangest videos on the internet!

9. No-No Cat Item 9

Cats are well known for making sure humans know exactly what they want. Aloof yet communicative there are no limits to the comedy of cats. No-No Cat makes sure his owners are totally aware that filming is definitely on the no-no list, even if it is one of the funny videos for kids.

10. When Your Dad is a Twin Item 10

Babies are so busy these days discovering their new world. What happens when a baby has a parent who also happens to be an identical twin? Find out when you watch as the baby continues to request for “dada” to hold her. Here is our 10th funny videos for kids moment.

11. Buffalo Kisses Item 11

Sweet Caroline wanted to join her family on a farm and take a car tour to view the animals they had. One large bison was a little more friendly with Caroline than the other animals on the farm.

12. 11 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy’s Guitar Item 12

Music is the heart and soul of this family! Watch these twin girls dance with joy while their dad strums on the guitar. This is a video classic that is sure to make anyone giggle!

13. Funny Siberian Husky Playing In Leaves Item 13

There is nothing like the crunching sound that leaves make in the fall. Dive into some fun as this siberian husky enjoys the autumn leaves.

14. Dad Embarrasses Himself by Jumping into the Pool Item 14

Dad tries to jump into the pool with his kids on a hot summer day and hits a hard landing! His girls giggle hysterically in the background of this classic dad moment.

15. Sneaky Raccoon Steals From Cats Item 15

You’re only guilty if you get caught. (Or if you look up) In our final selection of funny videos for kids, watch this raccoon plot his way to stealing these adorable kittens’ food. Sneaky, sneaky!

Summing Up

Funny, quirky, and sometimes even wild and weird, there are lots of different types of funny videos for kids floating around on the internet. As you can see, animals and humans alike are natural entertainment on any day! We hope that you liked the videos we chose for your enjoyment. Do you have a funny video for kids that you would recommend? Please feel free to sound off in the comments below about your favorite funny video for kids.

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