Remember how much you loved riddles when you were a kid? Did you know that those riddles for kids are packed full of benefits for young people? We’ve gathered not only the best 25 riddles out there, but also why they will benefit your child. Enjoy the laughter, and love the benes!

One of the most delightful things about spending time with kids is that they love to laugh! The sound of that laughter is one of the sweetest sounds a person can hear. Fun riddles for kids make them laugh, energizing and amusing them in the process. They always enjoy remembering and repeating the riddles back to make their siblings, friends, classmates, teachers and parents laugh, too.

Riddles are not only good for making everyone laugh, fun riddles for kids also have some interesting educational benefits! Helping to expand kid’s vocabulary is one exciting benefit of learning, solving and repeating riddles. Kids also gain the ability to think critically, which is a skill that can always help them later in life.

Other Outstanding Benefits of Learning and Solving Riddles

Fun riddles for kids have wide appeal for all ages. Many times parents remember learning the same riddles when they were kids, which lets them reminisce, as it takes them back to fun times they experienced earlier in life. Riddles can also help kids in these positive ways:

Encouraging Reading

Parents want their kids to develop a love of reading at a young age. When reading is fun, kids look forward to the experience. Reading and learning riddles is one way to encourage even the most hesitant readers to pick up a book!

Helping Develop Skills in Problem Solving

The nice thing about many riddles is that they really make kids think. Sometimes kids have to think differently in order to understand the riddle, which is another skill that can serve them well when they become adults.

Bolstering Vocabulary Skills

Learning different words becomes fun when it involves fun riddles for kids. Their vocabulary is expanded without them even realizing it, and reading and memorizing riddles becomes an activity they look forward to.

Providing Bonding Experiences

Kids really love to laugh, and they especially enjoy when they can share something humorous with parents, siblings, friends and teachers. This makes solving and sharing riddles something everyone can look forward to. It can lighten up moments in the day and provides a fun distraction.

Improving Memorization Skills

When kids want to tell a riddle to others, they want to be sure they memorize it exactly as it’s written so others will understand it and enjoy it. Memorization is a skill that can sometimes be difficult to master. Fun riddles for kids make it enjoyable and something they want to do!

Some of the Best Riddles To Make Kids Laugh

Here are twenty-five of the best fun riddles for kids that we’ve found to elicit laughter, and maybe even a few groans along the way!

1. How many months out of every year have 28 days?

Answer: All of them

2. Even though I’m as light as a feather, even the strongest strong man can’t hold me for more than five minutes – what am I?

Answer: Breath

3. What runs but can never walk?

Answer: A river

4. John’s mother has three sons. One is named Andrew and the other is named James. What is the other son’s name?

Answer: John

5. A sheriff rides into the town on Wednesday. He stays for two days and then rides back out of the town on Wednesday. How does he do this?

Answer: His horse’s name is Wednesday

6. What comes down but can never go back up?

Answer: Rain

7. The more of these that you take, the more you will leave behind. What are they?

Answer: Footprints made from your footsteps

8. Everyone has one of these and no one can lose it, what is it?

Answer: A shadow

9. What gets wetter the more it’s drying?

Answer: A towel

10. What flies even though it has no wings?

Answer: Time

11. Who can shave over 25 times a day, but still have a beard?

Answer: A barber

12. How much does a pirate pay for his earrings?

Answer: A buccaneer

13. What happens when a tiny fortune teller escapes from a prison?

Answer: She becomes a short medium at large

14. Why do clowns go to the doctor?

Answer: Because they feel funny

15. What has four legs, a head and just one foot?

Answer: A bed

16. What can you catch but never throw?

Answer: A cold

17. What is a seven letter word with thousands of letters?

Answer: A mailbox

18. I have keys but I can’t open a door, what am I?

Answer: A piano

19. Which is heavier, five pounds of rocks or five pounds of feathers?

Answer: They’re the same! Five pounds is five pounds

20. What gets sharper the more it’s used?

Answer: Your brain

21. How can a person go eight days with no sleep?

Answer: By only sleeping at night

22. What can hold water even though it’s full of holes?

Answer: A sponge

23. In a yellow one-story house lives a yellow person with a yellow dog, a yellow couch, a yellow table, a yellow lamp and a yellow carpet. What color are the stairs?

Answer: There are no stairs in a one-story house!

24. Name one word that is spelled the same forwards and backwards.

Answer: Racecar

25. What is found at the end of a rainbow?

Answer: The letter W

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Sharing Fun Riddles for Kids Helps Make the Best Memories

Kids can get excited when they have a riddle they’d like to share, and they always seem to enjoy the experience of making others laugh. Fun riddles for kids challenge the mind and help kids to develop that all-important sense of humor that can help to get them through anything that life sends their way. Fun riddles for kids provide a healthy way for everyone to enjoy being together and to share smiles. Why not share some riddles today, and let the smiles and laughter begin!

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