Coloring plays an important role in everyone’s childhood. Nearly everyone remembers the pleasure of bending intently over their coloring pages with fresh crayons. Both children and adults can find great joy and pleasure by turning plain black and white outlines into magical works of fantasy through art.

Coloring teaches children how to identify shapes and colors as well as how to plan ahead for a project. It also helps develop hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills. Furthermore, coloring pages and art projects help reduce stress and increase concentration. It’s relaxing to put aside the worries of the day and just enjoy the meditative act of coloring.

Online fun coloring pages

There are quite a few advantages that one can enjoy by spending 10 to 5 minutes a day coloring interesting images. Cool online coloring pages feed your imagination and improve your focus.

With just a simple Google Search, you can find plenty of options both for kids and adults. When you look for coloring pages, you’ll see most of these pages are free to access, download, and use.

Let’s review some of the most interesting online coloring pages:

Color by Numbers

The Color By Numbers website contains a series of coloring games for kids. They can find all sorts of images here, from cars to princesses to flowers. However, there is a catch: The pictures are split into different areas, and each area has an assigned number. One must follow the numbers, which are associated with the colors on the side of the screen. Thus, your kids can have fun, and, at the same time, learn how to count.

The Kidz Page

Online kids coloring pages

The Kidz Page is another interesting coloring website that will attract children with its vivid colors. This coloring website has more than one category of drawings, from kindergarten up to the eighth grade.

You just have to click on the desired category and start coloring. The Kidz Page also offers an interesting set of Dress’n’Color games. This category of games lets you customize the characters and color in your coloring pages. 

On Toupty, you can find online games and coloring pages for kids from 3 to 10 years old. Kids might like the option offered by this website: After they color a certain image, they can download it and print it using the printable coloring category. The images on the website have simple designs, appropriate for small children. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of images that the kids can find on from plants, cats, and dogs, to robots and pirates.

Nick Jr. Coloring Book

Online kids coloring pages

Nick Jr. is a coloring website dedicated to kids from 3 to 6 years old. The site is formatted like an online coloring book, featuring different scenes. Children can choose scenes they like from a wide selection, and then one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

The images are flowy, and they have bright colors. Furthermore, the kids can unlock more free episodes and scenes after they made some progress in coloring the previous images.

PBS Kids Coloring Games

PBS Kids is more of an educational website. It offers many categories of games: from coloring and spelling games to music and engineering games. It has more complex graphic design. And the characters presented in the images are, in some cases, from cartoons.

The PBS online coloring website has a menu category dedicated to parents. Here, they can find resources and tips on raising their kids and planning birthday parties, along with other kids’ activities.

Coloring 4 All 

The Coloring 4 All online coloring page is dedicated to both parents and kids. It has dozens of pictures ready for coloring, including cartoon characters, animals, flowers, and more. The activities are interactive so that kids can develop important skills.

The website recommends downloading and print the images after you have colored them. “Entertain and educate” is the site’s motto. The creators of the website want parents to encourage their kids to play. Furthermore, they recommend that parents play along with their children. Coloring together with their parents can make kids feel special.

Online Coloring

This is another interactive and printable online coloring page. Online Coloring has more than 40 categories of drawings, and for each image it offers a coloring suggestion. This way, the children can color with a perspective on reality or with some extra hints.

The Color  

The Color is an online coloring website for both adults and kids. Moreover, it has images with more graphic complexity. This way, it is more appealing for adults.

You can enter the website, click on an image, and get started. Furthermore, you can sort the images by categories, such as most popular, most recent, top rated, and holiday. You can also login and create an account, so your scores can be saved. You can even find a Top Members category within the website.

The site is a simple, easy-to-use website, dedicated especially to adults. It has more serious and complex themes: Asian mandalas, Earth Day pictures, and more. However, kids can also find interesting images, appealing for their age.

What is interesting about this coloring website is that artists who have images for coloring can submit them to the site for other people to color. You can send them to the website’s email address. Just open your email account, upload your images, and push send.

Hello Kids  

Last, but not least, I give you the adult coloring pages from Hello Kids. Don’t let the name of the website fool you. These images are intended for adults. They even have a certain symbolism behind them.

Some of them are simply abstract images; others represent the Indian spiritual symbol or Mandala. This symbol represents the Universe, and it is said to give you peace of mind while you are coloring it.

On this coloring website, you can find all kinds of images. It also has a section for kids where they can color, draw, read, and learn, along with all sorts of other activities.

All in all, coloring is not an activity only for kids. Coloring pages can be very therapeutic and can help generate wellness and mindfulness. Almost like meditation, it induces a peaceful state of mind.

Increasingly popular among adults are online coloring pages that represent abstract images and symmetrical designs, such as Mandalas. Whether you are a parent looking for an activity for their kid or just want to relax a little yourself, searching for coloring pages online is something you should try.

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