Many teachers have tablets at school. But what about once you have all the devices you need? Now, all those shiny tablets are on their desks – what do you use them for? If you are looking for free technology to use in your classroom, we’ve done the research for you!

Though, these apps are not only for teachers, some of these are great for use at home, too.

Using technology in school be both good and bad, and we’ve covered why here in our article about technology in the classroom. But, even after they have the equipment, some teachers often abandon technology altogether and go for the old-fashioned pen-and-paper way when they come across these difficulties. After they’ve had all the systems in place, they often don’t understand how the tech works, and how they can improve upon the basic uses of an iPad by adding a few simple tools and apps.

So, we’ve decided to show you some free technology for teachers. That is, educational software that can work exceptionally well in the classroom. We’ve made a small list compiling the best apps available for iOS. Most of these apps are also available for Android if your school provides you with Google-powered tablets, so don’t hesitate to look for them if you think they might be useful.

Educreations – The Whiteboard Is in Your Hands

"app free techonology in the classroom"

Forget about that big, messy whiteboard. Now you can easily coordinate all your students’ activities by using Educreations. This means that there is no more need for them to struggle to write on the big board. They can just scribble everything down on Educreations, and everyone else in the classroom will see it.

Now, there will be no further need for chalk in the classroom. All that dust will no longer be an issue. And neither will kids trying to get out of school by eating chalk.

Just remember to have all the iPads equipped with the app and teach the kids to use it. And then you’re all set. The app is free and available on iOS via the store.

Educreations website: here

Edmodo – No More Need for Agendas

"app free techonology in the classroom"

Remember when you had to use old-fashioned agendas to keep track of all the students and give them preliminary grades and marks? What, you still do? Well, I’m guessing you haven’t heard of Edmodo. Edmodo is more than an app; it’s a social network designed especially for kids, teachers, and parents.

Edmodo offers a wide range of features for K-12 kids: tools that up communication between classmates, encouraging collaboration. The app and social network also provide coaching tools. Teachers can share the things they want the kids to look at, give out quizzes, attach materials, videos, and articles.

What’s best, and what the app earned a name for, for is its openness towards parents. Those using the app can see what the kids have been doing in school, provided the teachers permit them, of course.

Edmodo is available in iOS version, Android, as well as browser version.

Edmodo website: here

Learning Ally – Special Needs

"app free techonology in the classroom"

Learning Ally is an app that’s not necessarily for teachers, but a great recommendation nonetheless. It is the leading learning tool available kids suffering from dyslexia and other learning disabilities. If you have such kids in your classroom, go ahead and recommend that they install the app, as it’s perfect for improving their results in school.

Learning Ally provides an audiobook database that the kids can go through. Along with accompanying tools for understanding the books read to them. One of these tools, for example, allows kids with dyslexia to connect the words they hear with the words they see on the screen.

Learning Ally is free for all iOS and Android devices. You only need to make a free account.

Learning Ally website: here

"app free techonology in the classroom"

Dyslexia and other problems can be much more easily handled via tech.

GoConqr – Professional Class Organizing

"app free techonology in the classroom"

GoConqr is the go-to app for many teachers worldwide. It’s a perfect little organizer, in a way resembling Edmodo, but with a much more intuitive type of interface. You can write notes, make mind maps of students, send out quizzes, and give flashcards.

The best feature of the app, one that comes from its previous version, known as ExamTime, is the ability to create mind maps. Mind maps allow you to easily see exactly what your students have to put in their brains in a single week, so you know how not to overwork them.

GoConqr is also free for iOS, Android, as well as browser. If you like the app, paying a small price may unlock some amazing features that you may soon learn to love.

GoConqr website: here

 Remind – Never Forget an Assignment Ever Again

"app free techonology in the classroom"

Although some of the previous apps offer the same but more, it’s nice to have a completely standalone app for assignment planning. Through Remind, formerly known as Remind101, you can give assignments, send notices, and check up on your students, as well as reach their parents.

The best thing that Remind offers is, besides assignment planning, complete privacy. This way, you don’t have to give your phone number to all the students or parents, and not even your e-mail. So if you want to be that teachers that lurk in the shadows, you can go right ahead.

Remind is available for iOS and Android, for free.

Remind Website: here

Bonus Tools for the Classroom


If you’re like me, you’re often having a hard time remembering where you’ve put that pdf or that excel document with all the grades. Fear no more, with Dropbox, you can store everything in the cloud, and access the data from any device! And what’s more, you can even make a shared folder in which you can store materials for your class with the students.

Best Sand Timer

Sometimes, an hour is just not enough for a class, and you may end up talking too much. It just happens. So set a timer, with Best Sand Timer, and you’ll never have any more problems. This tool can also be used to time exams.

Field Trip

Field trip is not really free technology for the classroom. More like free technology for the outside. Specifically, for when you take the kids on a field trip. Field Trip, quite obviously, allows them to take notes of a place you visit, and remember that precious info that the guide gave for a later discussion in class.

"app free techonology in the classroom"

For kids today, tech is essential to their development.

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