Play has a major role in all children’s development, and teaches them important skills from fine motor control to logic and reasoning. Many educational toys for kids are designed to inspire and reward curiosity in children, giving them a lifelong love of learning and discovery.

Play has many benefits, and the toy industry has expanded to fill that need. There is a huge selection of educational toys for kids of all ages and abilities now available on the market.

The Importance of Educational Toys for Kids

Playing is not just about having fun anymore. In the last few decades, it has also become about educating and teaching children new abilities and skills.

From colors to problem-solving and analytical thinking, educational toys provide lots of great experiences and interesting options for kids. Bottom line, intelligent toys combine fun, entertainment, and education, all together.

Social skills

Communication abilities are crucial for the later success of our kids. If your child is a people person, many opportunities will appear for him. Furthermore, small children must gain control over their emotions and learn to properly handle all the situations in which they find themselves.

A good example of educational toys for kids that help increase social skills is board games. These involve, among other things, learning to listen truly to what others have to say. They teach both cooperation and competition, along with fair play and negotiation.

Cognitive abilities

These are intelligence-related skills such as memorizing, analyzing, solving problems, etc. Toddlers should learn from an early age about sizes, shapes, colors, and numbers. This way, they will build a strong foundation for further educational programs.

Physical skills

Some educational toys for kids help them to become stronger and more physically resistant. Toys that include body involvement like hands, legs, arms, etc., can increase and improve balance and muscle strength.

Most Popular Educational Toys for Kids


This toy is great for children older than 18 months. It is very attractive for them, because it has features all kids love such as plenty of buttons and music. Its name comes from the fact that its size and shape resembles a Blackberry smartphone.

The kids will learn the letters due to the toy’s features. It also has an audio system that will tell your child the letter they press on the toy. The Alphaberry is priced around $24.

Play Gym

This educational toy is a good option for babies and toddlers. It is an especially good choice because it stimulates all the child’s senses. Play Gym has many light and sound options to entertain your baby.

The main benefits of this educational toy are the developing of your baby’s coordination skills and balance ability. It is even recommended for newborns.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

This is an improved LEGO toy, meaning that after your child puts together all the pieces, a functional robot is created. Furthermore, this robot has some functions that can be controlled with either a remote or with a technology device that has Bluetooth.

Moreover, this toy comes with a dedicated app that shows kids how to build different robots and characters. LEGO Mindstorms includes some 594 pieces and costs about $350.


educational toys for kids robome

This is a virtual avatar. The toy is extremely engaging and attractive because the child can customize its appearance. The key element is that the device connects with smartphones, which help your child create the robot’s face.

Your kids can also program the robot to do many different things from nice to silly, such as dancing when someone moves its hands. It can even perform actions on spoken command.

It comes with an app that can show you everything the toy does when connected to RoboMe. It costs about $100.

LeapReader Pen

LeapReader is a special, intelligent pen that teaches your kids how to write, while encouraging them when they do something right. The encouragements can be in the form of flashing lights and audio motivational words.

The pen comes with a specially crafted notebook that has a built-in ink. That means that every time your kid presses the pen against the paper, the ink will appear on the notebook’s surface on its own. It was specially created for children between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. This educational toy’s price is about $50.

Solar Robot Kit

This cute robot works without the use of batteries. It charges on solar energy. Your children can customize its appearance, as the toy comes with 14 different faces and features.

Kids can craft a dog, a boat, and many other interesting things. This toy can help your kids develop crafting and imaginative skills as well as make them aware of renewable energy sources.

VTech Innotab

This is a kids’ tablet, especially for those between the ages of 4 and 9 years old. This toy combines fun, entertainment, and learning activities. It has a wide range of interesting activities such as reading games. Furthermore, it has plenty of tools and comes with a 5-inch touchscreen.

On the other hand, compared to some other similar toys, this one does not have an incorporated camera. Though, it offers both an MP3 and video player. Its price is about $80.

Leapfrog Scribble

This game is appropriate for kids between the ages of 3 and 5. The main focus of this toy is on teaching kids how to write different letters.

As in the case of the LeapReader Pen, Leapfrog also has audio encouragements to motivate kids to keep learning. Leapfrog Scribble comes at a price of about $17.


This toy is a learning robot appropriate for kids over the age of 3. More engaging and interactive than its predecessor, it is the improved version of the initial Alphie robot.

It comes with an LCD screen and an audio system. Furthermore, it can be carried around by kids, due to its handle. The Playskool Alphie has a price of about $36.

Scrabble Flash Cubes

This is a modern, improved, and digital version of the old-school Scrabble game. Your kids can customize their level of difficulty. They need to choose how many tiles they want to use and start creating as many words as they can before the time expires. This game can be played with friends or even on your own. It costs about $24.

All in all, play is important in child development, and educational toys for kids can offer fun and interactive learning activities. Proper toys for your kid’s age can help him gain new skills and improve current abilities. As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities to choose from.

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