For kids interested in the biological sciences, one of the first areas of study is circulatory system for kids. The circulatory system manages many other bodily functions, including the digestive and nervous system. So, its study is an important first step. Luckily, there are many great tools to make it fun and easy.

The bio sciences can be a fascinating, yet challenging subject for many children. Study of circulatory system is usually a first step in the study of natural sciences. Besides, kids need to learn how their body works so they know why it’s important to make healthy choices, too.

How to Explain the Circulatory System for Kids?

Here is a list of 10 excellent ways to explain the circulatory system for kids to get them excited about biology. It help them understand and master the basics and pique their curiosity for further learning.

1. Quiz Game

For more advanced students, this quiz game by Quia allows students to test their knowledge of the circulatory system. This quiz is a great tool to help you check for understanding. It will help you and your child see what they need to revisit in course materials.

2. Scholastic Study Jams: The Circulatory System

Kids who are old enough to read will enjoy this great short video and quiz by Scholastic. The video provides well-organized information with thorough explanations. It leaves no room for boredom, as it is entertaining and fast paced.

After the video, students can test their knowledge with Scholastic’s short quiz. Study Jams are designed to cover information quickly and help kids retain knowledge. Their goal is to make learning fun.

3. Make a Pulse Detector

Using a small piece of clay and a toothpick, kids can make their own pulse detector. Simply have the children place their small piece of clay on their wrist below their thumbs. Then, gently insert the toothpick, so it is sticking straight out, perpendicular to their wrist.

The toothpick will move with the child’s pulse. A perfect additional activity is teaching how to count the heart’s beats per minute. They can do this by counting the number of times the toothpick jumps for fifteen seconds and multiplying that number by four.

studying the circulatory system for kids

4. Interactive Activity

If you’re teaching several kids at once, then this activity is perfect. Arrange a room with stations for various organs. Include the heart, lungs, brain, legs, arms, and stomach. Have two volunteers sit at each station, and then have the rest of the kids take on the role of blood cells.

Give them cards and have them line up. One side of their cards should be blue, and the other should be red. The blood cells should visit a station, have the station workers turn their card over to blue, and then send them to the lungs. The lungs should then turn their card back to red, send them through the heart, and then out again to another station.

This is a very hands-on approach to learning about the circulatory system for kids. It is a great way for them to experience, perform, and demonstrate understanding while having a lot of fun.

5. Circulatory System Rap

A great science teacher with a talent for rap wrote this fun rap about the circulatory system. This rap is a little more advanced, but still provides kids with great, detailed information to a funky beat. Kids who love music will appreciate this excellent and surprisingly entertaining rap song about the parts of the heart, veins, capillaries, and the purpose of the circulatory system.

6. A Book: The Heart: Our Circulatory System

If you’re teaching a kid that loves to read, then this great book is perfect for them. This book is complete with detailed definitions, descriptions, and pictures. Curious kids will adore this no fuss, no muss approach to answering all of their questions about the circulatory system. This book will help them understand, visualize, and help them get even more curious about how their body works.

This is an excellent resource to teach the circulatory system for kids. It is both detailed and simple enough for all age groups.

7. A Comic Book: Survive Inside the Human Body Vol. 2: The Circulatory System

To reach a happy balance between entertainment and education, this comic book combines real factual information with comic books art. It gives details about the circulatory system with a hearty amount of action, adventure, and humor. Comic book lovers won’t even realize how much they are learning until they are asked to explain the circulatory system.

This comic book is ideal to present information on the circulatory system for kids. It is extremely entertaining and presents useful information in a fun way.

8. A Pumping Heart Model

You can purchase this pumping heart model from educational toy and book stores. This model gives a visual explanation of the heart’s role in the circulatory system. It is easy to use, highly visual, and helps kids see how the heart works in action.

9. An Interactive Study Guide

There are hundreds of interactive study guides about the heart online. This one helps students learn about the heart at their own pace. After completing this interactive study guide, students should be able to explain the location, size, arteries, chambers, valves, and overall functions of the heart.

Interactive study guides are good ways to cover the circulatory system for kids. They allow kids to move quickly through areas they find simple and spend more time on things that are more challenging.

10. Talk to a Nurse

Chances are that there are several nurses or doctors in your community that would love to talk to your kids about the circulatory system. A professional is a great resource for kids to get excited. It also provides kids with great role models who can help spark their interest in the biological sciences.

teaching the circulatory system for kids

These activities are all excellent ways to introduce the circulatory system for kids. We hope you enjoyed them and found them useful. If you have more creative ways to teach kids about the circulatory system, we’d love to hear about them. Leave them in the comments below.

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