On those long road trips, there are all kinds of ways that your child can keep themselves occupied. It can be through portable video games, a coloring book, and even fun car games for kids. Car games are the most classic and popular because they are easy and usually don’t require you to make any expensive purchases.

Listed below are ten fun car games for kids. These games are timeless, as they require searching skills, memory, or both. If you go on multiple road trips, then some of these games will never be the same each time you play them.

Best Road Trip Car Games for Kids

1. I Spy

This game is about one player that sees something outside, and the other players guess what that something is. It starts with the player saying, “I spy, with my little eye, something…” and then a descriptive word about what the player saw. It can be a color, size, or any other detail. The other players then guess what the other player saw based on that detail.

2. 20 Questions

The 20 Questions game is like I Spy, except a player can think of anything without seeing it outside the car. Other players can only ask 20 questions to guess what that player is thinking of. These questions are used to determine the details of the target thought. They can only be yes or no questions. For example, “Is it a person?” or “Is it blue?”

3. I’m Going on a Picnic

The first player begins the game by stating, “I’m going on a picnic, and I’m bringing…” which is something that starts with an “A,” like apple pie. The next player states “I’m going on a picnic, and I’m bringing an apple pie and…”, and the item after that starts with “B.” The game continues until everyone reaches the last letter or is out.

4. License Plate

There are multiple ways to play this game. For younger players, have them find every letter of the alphabet in order from different license plates. Next, have them find every single digit from zero to nine. Increase the challenge for older players by having them find every license plate state they can. Create a points system with multiple kids. The one with the most points wins.

5. Tic-Tac-Toe

A piece of paper, pencil, and two players are needed to play this game. The goal of this game is to get your three symbols in a row before the other player. Draw or print out a three by three grid. Next, you or the other player draws an X or O in one square. Take turns until one of you gets all three in a row.

6. Geography

Using a physical road map, a player points to a “secret place” and states what it is. It can be a lake, road, city, or anything else. The other players must figure out the specific location that that player pointed to. The right answer must be guessed within a time limit. It can be 60 seconds for older players and 120 seconds or more for younger players.

7. Spot the Car

This is another game that can be played in multiple ways. Younger players must find vehicles of different colors. It can be the colors of a rainbow or as many colors as they can. They can also look for types of vehicles. Older players must search for cars made from certain companies. To add to this challenge, they also have to look for specific models.

8. Count the…

Each player finds something outside and must count how much more they find for the rest of the road trip. For example, players can count signs, trucks, bridges, and other common items. Tally the scores and determine the winner when the road trip is over. If the trip lasts for more than a day, then the winner is the one with the most points by day’s end.

9. Restaurant Race

Similar to “Count the…” Restaurant Race requires players to find their specified restaurant anywhere. It doesn’t only have to be the restaurant itself; it can also be the name of the restaurant featured on exit signs, billboards, or even on the radio. Keep score until the end of the road trip or the day. Determine the winner in 30 minutes if a day is too long.

10. The Animal Name Game

This game starts with one player that names any animal. The next player must then name an animal whose name begins with the last letter of the previous player’s animal’s name. For example, one player says lion and the next player says newt. If a player can’t name an animal, then they must forfeit. The game continues until all but one player is out.

As fun as these car games for kids can be, it is recommended that the driver focuses on the road rather than participate. They can get exciting and keep children entertained for the entire road trip. These car games for kids are also educational, as they can challenge memory, thought, and other skills.


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