Are you looking for good business ideas for kids? Kids these days are incredibly resourceful. Young entrepreneurs are looking to make money and change their world. They go from door to door offering services like lawn mowing and running errands. Some are helping seniors navigate the internet and master the digital age.

Some business ideas for kids include dog walking and cleaning services. Busy adults are happy to pay responsible kids to clean out garages and basements. These kids then upcycle these old, discarded items, and make money selling them online.

Some of these ideas are pretty bold. But that’s just what it is – a list of ideas. And we haven’t even begun to delve into a more rigid explanation of the list. For instance: did you know that your kid could make money by offering to create their neighbors’ Facebook account? It’s by far the easiest job of the above – and better yet, this is also a nice way of giving back to the community!

Just think – all of your neighbors having you on their friends list. It really makes you wonder how much the world will continue to advance. And what the meaning of a “like” is. But enough about that. Seeing that there are a great number of jobs that kids could partake in for the purpose of monetary remuneration, we’ve split them all up into a few categories of jobs. Here goes nothing:

‘Neighborly Help’ Business Ideas for Kids

We have to teach our kids altruism, don’t we? Well, that’s the basic idea as to why we’ve placed the neighbors first. What was the old saying? Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Pretty much the same applies with neighbors. While most may be nice, kids don’t often see them that way. But connecting with neighbors to offer services is a great way for young people to make extra money.

"business ideas for kids good small great online walking dog"

Walking the neighbor’s dogs: one of the simplest yet most rewarding business idea for kids.


Here are some ideas for services your kids could offer neighbors or family friends that live nearby:

  • Walking Dogs: Oher animals may be taken for a walk as well, but dogs are the most common, of course. After a bit of training and experience, kids can also do well with walking several dogs at a time. This all depends on the size of the dogs and the size of the kid, of course.
  • Taking Care of Dogs: Whether it’s making sure the dog has food and water while the owners are on vacation, giving the dog a bath, a nice grooming, maybe a solid training session, all can turn in a nice profit. One can go as far as to offer a full service to the dog owner. For an extra fee, kids can add in poop scooping.
  • Taking Care of Cats: Again with the same old stuff: feeding, watering, brushing, cleaning, grooming – all of these are things that both owners and cats hate. That’s why kids should probably ask for extra money at this one. Again, for a small fee, cleaning the litter box can be added.
  • Other Pets: People don’t only have cats and dogs. Aquariums also need a lot of caring for the fishes to stay in good health. Bird cages likewise. Hamsters aren’t that pretentious, but should still be looked after.
  • Offering to Help with Tech: Facebook accounts can be included here. Other tech stuff: installing a wireless router (and memorizing the password, of course), cleaning a computer of viruses, installing other devices, instructing people on how to use smartphones or other devices.
  • Help Around the House: Once the kid has gained the neighbor’s trust, there are all kinds of opportunities that arise just from a simple stroll through his home. Maybe he’s an old man living alone and needs someone to tidy up the place. Maybe there are appliances needing fixing, furniture needing repair. Those types of things.
  • Taking Care of Lawns: In the warm seasons, mowing the lawn is something most people don’t have time to do. In autumn, raking leaves and removing other dead plants can also be a burden. However, winter wins this one with its unnerving amount of snow that needs shoveling.
  • Babysitting and Parent Helping: If the kid is likes little kids, then helping neighbors with babysitting or with other trivial childcare tasks could be a great joy for all three parties involved.
"business ideas for kids good small great online neighbors"

Kids helping around at their neighbors’ house party.

‘DIY Kit’ Business Ideas for Kids

Do it yourself! Kids are masterful artisans with the ability to make accessories, hair products, face creams, and other interesting things. So why not profit from this? Some of the most successful teen entrepreneurs have started this way and made their way to the top! Kids can also try their hand at cooking and baking, and this skill may prove invaluable

  • Making pet items. While the subject of pets is not long past, kids can also try to make pet toys, pet dishes, and pet accessories such as a neat food bowl from an old plastic plate lying around, or a unique birdhouse. Obviously these, as any other item in the following list, should be sold for profit.
  • Making accessories. Headbands, greeting cards, hair scrunchies, bracelets, holiday ornaments, wrapping paper, scarves, hats, jewelry, key chains. All of these are viable options if kids want start making stuff themselves while earning profit in the process.
  • Making food. There are two parts to this. The first: making bakery products, such as innovative breads, cookies, pretzels of all sizes, doughnuts (there are many other ideas for these which I won’t be listing here). Other types of food tasks can include: fruit arrangements, candy arrangements, jam, jellies, pickles, or just about any other delicious product the kid can make.
  • Making drinks. Setting up lemonade stands is an age-old business venture. But lemonade isn’t the only thing that can be sold. Smoothies, milk shakes, non-alcoholic cocktails. And in the cold seasons, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and combinations of the three can bring a smile to the freezing faces of passersby.
"business ideas for kids good small great online lemonade stand"

Kids selling lemonade.

  • Making T-Shirts. Kids can also make cool T-shirts by finding awesome, cute, and funny graphics that go well on T-shirts. Or the kids can make those graphics themselves (as they grow older). Then all it takes is a small corner shop that prints T-shirts, and you’re ready to go!
  • Book reselling. Many neighbors, friends, and other people may have lots of old books lying here and there. Kids could gather them all, make an inventory, post all the books with their details online, and then wait for profit. These books can be refurbished quite easily and may end up helping lots of needy college students.
  • Making apps. I know, this isn’t necessarily for the younger ones, but kids in their teens might just grasp the basic programing knowledge needed to design the next breakthrough app.
  • Giving lessons. Likewise, teenagers tend to be good at at least one thing. Giving lessons for that one thing could make strong friendships as well as earn the kids some money. Activities may include teaching an instrument, teaching a foreign language, training someone to use a computer, or maybe even training someone to cook.
"business ideas for kids good small great online piano"

Kid playing piano. Maybe in a few years, she could be giving beginners lessons as well.

‘Age of the Internet’ Business Ideas for Kids

  • Vlogs, blogs, and other logs. These are tricky. Kids can use the diary principle to make one online, but with content that they would feel okay with the whole world knowing. If their ideas are unique, then it may quite possibly go viral. Quick reminder: What goes on the internet, stays on the internet.
  • Repairing computers. Much like setting up computers, this involves the kid having prior knowledge of how a computer works. Most repairs are just basic virus cleaning. Others involve reinstalling the operating system or other complicated tasks. Still – none too difficult for a teenage tech-master.
  • Helping around with social media. What kid today doesn’t know how to work a social media account? I mean, it’s really, really easy. And people who have small businesses would love to get some free publicity on the internet. Kids can ask around and find potential customers for their social media expertise.


We’ve covered a few basic ideas for how kids can get started with their businesses. Although we tried to be as exhaustive as possible, we must admit that there are many more ways for a kid to earn money. All kids need is to use their imagination and have a bit of money for their own little start-up. Money that they can get from their parents. Who else to encourage their ideas than their closest loved ones?

The most important thing parents need to remember is that their kids must like to do what they are taking up. Otherwise, it’s not nice for them to feel forced into working just because they need the extra money. Remember, they’ll have the rest of their lives for that – let them live a little. But if they are having fun while doing something productive, why not get some cash for it? Of course, having small business ideas for kids isn’t a guarantee that they will bring in the money. There are a lot more steps involved, of which we’ve already made a summary in our article on how to make money as a kid. You can check it out here.

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