Your child’s birthday is a big deal, and choosing the best birthday party places for kids means more fun and less work for parents. You want to stage an over-the-top birthday bash that will create a memorable experience for your kid and their friends. Picking the right venue can make all the difference.

Great Birthday Party Places Ideas

Dress Up Birthday Party Places

There are plenty of locations you can rent for a couple of hours where the kids can choose from many different party themes. From ballerinas to superheroes, these places offer a wide range of services and facilities.

Moreover, some event locations provide catering services. Therefore, you will not need to purchase your cake or party props. However, there is a certain flexibility, meaning if you do not want to rent their costumes, you can even make your own clothes and accessories.

All themed birthday party places for kids include fun and entertaining activities such as dancing lessons, interactive games, competitions, and much more.

Restaurant Birthday Party Places for Kids

Nowadays, many restaurants offer special services when someone wants to organize an event at their location. Moreover, they even create a delimited space for the guests to have fun without other clients interfering.

Furthermore, some locations go the extra mile and create special surprises for the birthday boys and girls. In some cases, the restaurants’ waiters sing “Happy Birthday” while bringing the cake to the table. Some family restaurants provide playground spaces, where kids can enjoy some entertaining moments. The average price is around $10 per kid. However, the total cost also depends also on how many hours do you want the location to hold the event and what kind of menu you choose.

Pool Party

pool birthday party places for kids

If your kid was born during summer time, then you can consider yourself lucky, because there are plenty of outdoor options to choose from. One great idea is to organize the entire party at a swimming pool. You can either make it a casual one and serve simple food like mini pizzas, or you can create a fancy event. In this case, you can offer the guests non-alcoholic cocktails specially made for kids, as well as small appetizers.

However, you must be careful because, most likely not all the kids are swimmers. You will need to take extra caution measures like offering each kid swimming equipment, and invite along other parents to keep an eye on the children. The pool should have a trained life guard on duty. Don’t worry if your child is celebrating their birthday in the winter season. If you don’t want to let go of the pool party idea, you can go to a swimming club, where you will find indoor pools.

Arts and Crafts

Another good idea, when it comes to birthday party places for kids, is taking the children to a creative workshop. On one side, you can organize a minibar, serving refreshments and sweets, and on the other side, you can engage the kids in crafting activities.

Children are eager to explore and assemble things. Therefore, combining fun with educational ideas can be a great option for a birthday party. You should talk with the organizers in advance to pick one or a few crafting options. This way, the kids can interact with each other while creating their little works of art. Although it can be quite expensive, it is totally worth it. If you want to rent an entire room for a couple of hours, the total cost could reach up to $50.

Movie Birthday Party Places

If your kids love going to the cinema, you should probably take them as well as their guests to see a fun movie at the local cinema theater. You can discuss with the cinema manager to establish a time for the kids to celebrate and watch a comedy or an animated children’s movie.

Besides the cake that will be served at the end of the movie, you can also offer the guests typical cinema snacks such as popcorn and nachos. Kids love these kinds of treats. However, you must be careful with what the theater offers the kids because some of them may be allergic to certain foods.

An average cost will be around $300 to $400 dollars for around 20 guests. Though, this price may vary from one location to another. All the snacks and other props are included in this cost.

Outdoor Birthday Party Places for Kids

If the weather is good, you can organize outdoor activities to celebrate your kid’s birthday party. Children are full of energy, and they love playing and running outside. This kind of party will offer them plenty of space to move around. Furthermore, an outdoor party might make them forget about tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets, at least for a couple of hours.

To organize this event, you can either rent a garden restaurant, or you can even take the kids on field trips. If you don’t have the necessary amount of money to rent the entire outdoor location, you can choose to go to a botanical garden. There, the kids can enjoy spending some quality outdoor time while also learning about different plant species.


legoland birthday party places for kids

There are quite a few cities that have a LEGOLAND entertainment center. By organizing an event at this kind of location, the children will receive pizza, snacks, cupcakes, as well as creative tasks. This type of place is every child’s dream.

These birthday party places for kids offer private rooms so that children will be entertained in a safe environment, under the close supervision of an adult. Even though we, as adults, might not understand it, the kids are crazy about the small LEGO bricks. Furthermore, by letting them create different things, you will help them improve their crafting skills as well as boost fine motor skills. Usually, the price for this kind of party is around $18 to $20 dollars per guest.

All in all, when choosing the best birthday party places for kids, those described above are great options. However, make sure you ask your child what they want before organizing the entire event.

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