Do you want to teach your child Tennis? This exciting game is highly popular and great for hand-eye coordination. There is a lot to consider, but we have gathered the best advice and broken it down into ten easy steps. If you want your child to excel at the game of tennis, we have your back.

When looking for the best tennis lessons for kids, it is essential to take a close look at what is most important to learn first. The child also needs to feel confident about their improvement from lesson to lesson. Just to be clear, they will need the proper instructor to help them do their best to improve their skills.

They should learn the basics first, and then begin to develop advanced techniques. Today we will be looking at the top 10 best tennis lessons for kids, and what aspects are most critical to consider when teaching your child how to master the game of tennis.

Get Adequate Equipment Item 1

Before taking to the court or developing your child’s basic skills, they need to make sure their shoes are not going to cause them any pain. Your child’s shoes also need to prove to be durable and flexible, depending on the preference of their wearer.

Along with proper shoes, you will need to acquire a racket fit to your child’s stature. Most parents refer to their child’s trainer for racket recommendations.

Hire or Find a Trainer Item 2

Hiring a trainer will be very beneficial for your child’s success in the game of tennis. Trainers have typically been around the game of tennis for a long time. As a result, they know how to show beginners where to start. Make sure your child’s trainer is positive, helps your child feel confident, and is pushing them to do their best to improve.

Teach the Terminology Item 3

As a beginner, your child should start to learn the necessary words used in the game of tennis. This will help communication within lessons to be very smooth and comprehensible. Once the vocabulary of the game is learned, it will help the child understand what keywords to listen to during their lessons.

Practice the Forehand Item 4

two small boys practicing forehand with tennis racket and ball outdoors

The forehand is one of the most critical fundamentals of the game of tennis. If a player does not have a well-developed forehand, they will struggle to be successful. Even though it is an essential skill, it is one of the easiest strokes to begin with. Your child should practice volleying with a trainer or teammate to make sure they have their forehand down before moving on.

Move on to the Backhand Item 5

Once the forehand is doing well, the backhand is the next skill they need. When focusing on the best tennis lessons for kids, parents need to make sure their child masters more than just their forehand.

To have a competitive game, the player must be able to return balls both forehand and backhand. Most players use two hands on the racket for this skill. However, once it is mastered some only need one hand to execute it.

Teach the Serve Item 6

Now that both the forehand and backhand are old hat, it is time for learning a serve. If a child masters their serve, they could become a very dominant tennis player. The trainer will help your child focus on where to aim and where to strike the ball on their serve.

After the basics are understood, your child should practice their serve every day, with or without their trainer. Repetition creates muscle memory and can put your child one step closer to being ready to play in a regulated game.

Start with a Small Court Item 7

Before testing the child’s skill in a regulated game, they should practice against a partner on a smaller court. The miniature game could be played within the service area, or simply playing only between the service lines. Getting a lot of practice by playing games on a smaller court is one of the best tennis lessons for kids.

Practicing Against Superior Skill Item 8

Your child is ready to play a full game now, so where do you start? First, you should have your child begin to scrimmage players who have been playing the game for a longer amount of time. By playing against someone more experienced, your child will face challenges that will push them to be a better player and develop their overall gameplay.

Focus on the Positive Item 9

The last thing a child wants to hear is negative comments about their tennis skills from their own parent. The parent should make sure they are attending their child’s games and occasionally practices as well. It is important that the parent is continually speaking about what good they see in their child’s gameplay. It can be difficult for kids to learn a new concept let alone an entirely new sport. Therefore, it is important that they find a supporter in their parent.

Master Improvement Item 10

racket on a tennis court next to netting with lots of yellow tennis balls on the ground

Above all else, your child needs to have a driving desire to improve their game. They can set up solo practice times where they practice the fundamentals over and over again by themselves. As a parent, you can take them to the courts and play with them. Children love to show their parents a new skill that they have learned which will make your child excited to challenge you.


After taking a look at this list of the top 10 best tennis lessons for kids, you as a parent should have a clear picture of what you need to do to help your child properly learn the game of tennis. You need to make sure you are completely supportive of them as a parent, and also equip them with proper gear and instruction.

Start with the basics, then have them put time into practicing by themselves or in scrimmages. Using the best tennis lessons for kids will not only help your child succeed in the game, but they will also help your child understand the enjoyment of learning a new skill. Your child will grasp the concept of hard working paying off.

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