Watching our children play is fun, but of course, we want them to have all the advantages we can give them, too. The best logic puzzles for kids are an excellent way to not only entertain them for hours, but also boost their skills. Recent research backs up what you already know, your kid’s brains will thank you!

Shopping for kids is hard. You want to give them something they will enjoy. At the same time, you want to make sure that you’re giving them plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. If you’re struggling to find gifts that hit both of these marks, think about looking into the best logic puzzles for kids. They’re all tons of fun, and your little one is sure to learn while they play.

The Best Logic Puzzles for Kids

9. IQ Link

smartgames ig link puzzle game

IQ link is one of the best logic puzzles for kids in 2017. It’s a pretty simple game which will secure hours of entertainment. It comes with a compact carrying case which makes it an excellent toy when you’re on the go.

The goal of the game is to get all of the pieces on the board. What makes this game difficult is that that there are more pieces than there are spaces. So you have to make some occupy the same spot. Also, the game includes a book with 120 challenges to keep you interested and make the game more engaging.

8. City Maze

smartgames city maze puzzle game

How good are you with directions? The goal of City Maze is to create a route from a traveler’s origin to their destination along the city streets using the red and blue direction arrows. You can play with one traveler if you’re just getting started or two travelers if you’re looking for a challenge. The game also comes with two challenge booklets and over one hundred quests to complete.

7. Temple Trap

temple trap puzzle game

With shifting walls and alligators, Temple Trap is an exciting maze that will entertain you and your kids for hours. The goal is to figure out how to configure the sliding pieces and shifting walls so that your explorer doesn’t get trapped in the temple or eaten by alligators. Increasingly difficult challenges make this game perfect for kids of all ages.

6. Three Little Piggies

three little piggies puzzle game

Three Little Piggies is one of the best logic puzzles for kids under the age of six. This game works a lot like some of the other games, but it comes with larger pieces that are safer for little children and has a storyline that makes the rules a little easier for little ones to understand. The challenges are also less abstract and have a ton of variations.

With the daytime challenge book, the goal is to let all of the little piggies play outside of their houses and enjoy the much-needed sunshine. At night, you have to put all of the piggies into their houses to keep them safe from the Big Bad Wolf. If you aren’t a fan of the three little pigs, there is a Red Riding Hood version of this game that is equally young kid-friendly.

5. Gravity Maze

gravity maze puzzle game

Gravity Maze is three-dimensional logic puzzle that lets kids build their multi-story maze. The goal of the game is to build a maze that lets your marble travel from the starting point to the target space using a combination of tunnel pieces stacked on top of one another. This game is best for older kids, although the increasingly difficult challenges can easily put an adult’s mind to the test as well.

4. Balance Beans

balance beans puzzle game

Balance Beans combines math and science with logic in a straightforward format that lets kids play and learn at the same time. The game consists of one seesaw and three sets of different colored beans. The goal is to place the right combination of beans on either side of the seesaw to make it balance perfectly. Each side has nine slots for beans.

Challenge cards tell you how to set up your red beans, and it is up to you to figure out which combination of blue and yellow beans will balance them out.

All of these challenges can be figured out by using algebra, but younger kids will enjoy trying to find patterns in the weight distribution. This game is a little bit more challenging than some of the others, so it may be more suitable for kids who are older.

3. Jenga

lewo wooden stacking board game jenga

Jenga is a classic, but it’s also one of the best logic puzzles for kids. People of all ages enjoy playing, so it’s a great way to combine learning with a family game night. Stack the blocks up and then take turns trying to take them out, one by one, until the whole tower tumbles.

Playing Jenga teaches kids how to think logically by deciding which pieces are holding the tower up and which pieces can be knocked out without disturbing the tower. As a bonus, this game is great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in younger kids.

2. Color Cube Sudoku

color cube sudoku puzzle game

This game has the same exact rules as Sudoku except that it uses colors instead of numbers. There are nine cubes with each side divided up into four sections of different colors. The goal is to arrange the cubes so that none of the nine colors repeat in a single row or column.

Just like Sudoku, this game contains a book of challenges and solutions that will tell you how to set up your board. As you complete the challenges, the book will give you fewer and fewer clues to start out with, leaving you with more deductions to make.

1. Perplexus

perplexus original puzzle game

Perplexus is a three-dimensional maze contained in a little plastic ball. The goal is to get the metal ball from its starting point to the end of the maze. Simple concept, but to get there, the ball may have to be flipped, tilted, spun or twisted.

Different colored tracks lead to dead ends or back to the beginning. There are over twenty-two feet of track and one hundred obstacles in this little plastic ball. Therefore, users will need to spend hours in their attempt to master the maze.

Perplexus also offers different products, like a Star Wars themed maze and a Perplexus Junior, so that the fun can extend to everyone. This isn’t just one of the best logic puzzles for kids; it’s also one of the best logic puzzles for adults.


If you’re looking for fun and educational gift ideas for the little ones in your life, keep an eye out for these products because they are some of the best logic puzzles for kids that are available on the market today.

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