Golf academies and schools that cater to children have sprouted all over the country. And the large number of institutions that offer golf lessons for kids can make the choice between them a rather difficult one. Golf teaches important life skills such as persistence, focus, and good sportsmanship.

With that in mind, the present guide will go over the top four golf lessons for kids available right now, hopefully helping parents make an informed decision in the future.

1. Play and Learn by U.S. Kids Golf Academy

Powered by the U.S. Kids Golf Academy, Play and Learn is a program that is designed to introduce kids to the sport in an interactive, fun way. Featuring three different levels of instruction, this lesson program can help young players of all skill levels. By providing curriculum and tools to the professionals that teach them, Play and Learn ensures kids will learn how to play golf in a structured, comprehensive manner. Unlike other types of golf lessons for kids, Play and Learn uses its own scaled-down version of a golf course. This helps young players complete games before they can fully use a driver. This program focuses on three main aspects:

  • Fitted equipment;
  • A structured learning program;
  • Organized competition.


  • Fun, interactive lessons that gradually increase in difficulty.
  • Unlike other golf lessons for kids, Play and Learn gets the parents involved in the learning process.
  • Its unique Longleaf Tee System helps beginners complete courses appropriate to their skill level.


  • Its coach certification process is lengthy and complicated, potentially turning off professionals from engaging with the program.
  • The U.S Kids Golf Academy can be extremely competitive.


The U.S Kids Golf Academy offers a considerable variety of pricing options. This includes a standard package of 12 lessons for $200 dollars. The membership fee is $100, and single drop-in classes for $25.

2. School of Golf by the Golf Channel

Families that are looking to get golf lessons for kids delivered to their homes will likely find School of Golf very interesting. Broadcast on a bi-weekly basis, the lessons aim at improving every single aspect of the child’s game. They do this by following a carefully structured program. In addition to the main broadcast lessons, students have the opportunity to download the Golf Channel Academy app. This provides step-by-step instructions and detailed tips anywhere they are.


  • A combination of broadcast and app-based lessons.
  • Exclusive lessons by Martin Hall and other golf pros.
  • Completely free for those lucky enough to receive the Golf Channel.
  • The app provides access to a network of world-class coaches and teaching facilities.


  • It requires having access to the Golf Channel.
  • Due to their pre-recorded nature, the lessons can feel stiff and mechanic.


It’s completely free for people with a subscription to the Golf Channel.

3. Kandi Comer’s Golf Lessons for Juniors

A professional with over two decades of experience teaching both adults and kids, Kandi Comer knows how to teach golf. She has set up a fun, safe, and inclusive learning environment. Along with her staff of PGA/LPGA certified golf professionals, Kandi delivers on-point tips and tools. These lessons enhance and elevate a kid’s golf game. Apart from private lessons in various modes, the academy offers junior summer golf camps. These camps are designed to help students develop full swing fundamental abilities and short game skills. Each summer camp is a fun-filled and dynamic four-day event that lasts two hours each day.


  • All lessons are taught by PGA/LPGA certified golf professionals.
  • Different modes of lessons available.
  • Integrated video analysis for improving swing posture and mechanics.


  • Somewhat expensive.


Kandi Comer’s golf lessons for kids cost around $60 an hour for private lessons. Small group instruction is more affordable, ranging between $35 and $55 an hour (depending on the number of participants).

4. Mike Bender Golf Academy’s US Kids Junior Golf Program

Among the most notable golf lessons for kids programs out there is US Kids Junior Golf Program. It’s managed by the Mike Bender Golf Academy. Its proven method introduces young players to the marvels of golf gradually. It takes into account the child’s aptitudes and experience level. It’s recommended for kids ranging from 6 to 12 years of age. The program aims at providing them with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of the game. As its center, it features a booklet guide that provides structure for all the lessons. The program focuses on five core areas:

  • Putting
  • Around the Green
  • Full Swing
  • Knowledge
  • Scoring

It is noteworthy that this is a full program, consisting of seven weeks. Students have the opportunity to choose winter, spring, or fall as the season in which the program takes place. Additionally, the academy offers summer camps that help students refine their technique.


  • Kids can earn achievement badges and pins that serve as incentives to continue the learning process.
  • It features complete courses that are specially designed for children.


  • Unfortunately, the academy offers only one program for all students.


This program costs $190 for seven week of lessons.

Summing Up

Those who read through this article will hopefully get a good idea of what makes golf lessons for kids a good choice. In essence, all four options teach children the basics of golf. They all help them develop a competent golfing technique. What’s more important, however, is that they are capable of doing this in an engaging and fun way. That is sure to instill a love for the sport in the child’s heart. Have you tried other golf lessons for kids? Let us know!

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