Instrument lessons are one of easiest ways for your child to learn about music and rhythm, and the drum is a great first instrument. The best drum lessons for kids integrate learning and fun. The best music lessons make it easy to learn an instrument, while reinforcing the importance of persistence and practice.

Drums are different from other kinds of musical instruments because they don’t necessarily require reading music. However, playing drums requires guided practice. The best drum lessons for kids depend on accessibility and ease of use for kids who are just getting started. The courses below are ranked by cost for the beginning lessons. Many of them are free, so your kids can get started with drumming right away.

1. This Lisa YouTube Lessons

Cost: Free

This Lisa has beginner drum lessons for kids who don’t have a drum kit available to them. Drum lessons are possible without owning physical drums. This is one of the reasons this is a great musical instrument choice. See if your child can keep up with beginner lessons that do not use a drum kit. Then you move forward by investing in a drum kit for practices. Lisa does an excellent job of explaining drums in this beginner video, and her other videos expand on this initial lesson.

2. Learn Drums Now

Cost: Free

Learn Drums Now are drum lessons for kids in a set that goes through the system of head, hands, and heart. It’s a three-month lesson program divided into sections for ease of learning. This drum lessons for kids program focuses on playing drums as part of a band. If that is something your child is interested in, this lesson program may be ideal.

3. FUNdamentals Of Drumming

Cost: Free

FUNdamentals of Drumming is a drum lessons for kids series on YouTube that offers quick and easy-to-follow video lessons to teach kids to drum. If your child is a fast learner, these videos are helpful and free to view. They are also a great supplement to other drum lessons that you may be using for your child’s musical instruction.

4. Simply Snare

Cost: Free

These drum lessons for kids are produced by a YouTube channel called Simply Snare. The teacher give kids a breakdown of how to do their first drum beat in an easy video. His other videos breakdown the basics of drumming and work up to more intermediate levels. Simply Snare is passionate about drums and makes things easy to understand. The best part is that these mini lessons are free. They are great on their own, but like other series, they can supplement drum lessons from another source.

5. See Briggs Rock

Cost: Free

This kid-friendly drum lesson is taught to your kids by an actual kid. See Briggs Rock offers a fun series of beginner lessons that will teach your child in a way that they can easily understand. Seeing another kid as a role model is a great way to build up confidence and skill in young drummers. This free series is easy to access..

6. Trying It Out With Rock Band

Cost: Varies

Rhythm games that mimic playing an instrument are not always reliable for teaching transferable skills, but drums are unique. Drums on the Rock Band video game are quite similar to how drums with a real kit feel. Your child can get the basic rhythmic skills down with real music until they are ready to graduate to a full kit or snare drum. Rock Band lessons are unconventional and creative. Your child will have fun unlocking achievements and practicing their rhythm. You can even participate with different instruments to give them more confidence. It will teach them what it is like to play music with other people. Cost varies from as little as $50 dollars for a couple of games. The drum kit may run a couple hundred dollars, if you need to buy a console and the set.

7. Drumming For Kids DVD

Cost: $17

Drumming For Kids are drum lessons for kids on DVD that focuses on the basics of drumming. This DVD is under $20 dollars, and it teaches the basics that can be learned without a drum set. This is an effective way to teach young children the fundamentals. Drum lessons for kids that can minimize upfront costs are a great way to get your young ones involved in music. The Zucchini Brothers are kid friendly and fun.

8. School of Rock

Cost: Varies based on lesson choice

School Of Rock is a trusted organization that has been teaching drum lessons for kids for years. These drum lessons are constructed at locations in Pennsylvania. However, also host summer camps and similar programs for teaching youth the passion of drums from across the country. This program has varying levels of cost. It is a more expensive program, but the lessons are in-depth and enriching. It also brings together students from all over to experience drumming camps. Contact the school for more information on pricing.

9. Girls Rock!

Cost: varies, on average $500, Scholarships Available

The Girls Rock! Camp is focused on teaching girls music education. The idea is that girls can be empowered by getting music education and forming a band to put on a performance at the end of camp. These camps take place nationwide in many larger cities. The camps teach girls how to work together and solve problems, but they also learn creativity skills and plenty of music skills. This camp is an excellent for drum lessons for kids, because it focuses on a well-rounded approach to music education.


Choosing drum lesson is not as easy as picking something out and working with it. At the end of the day, your child has to respond to the way the instructor teaches. The above lessons offer a variety of options that your child can consider when learning a beginning instrument. While online videos and DVD make great choices, it is important to consider an in-person professional teacher once your child develops a strong interest in drumming. This skill will follow them through life, and it is a great way to teach discipline. Drum lessons for kids are just the beginning of a lifelong love.

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