According to a Harvard publication on enhancing cognitive function in children, brain teasers for kids are an excellent way to boost executive-function skills in 5- to 7-year-old children. This is the age range where they can most benefit from solving complex puzzles, sharpening their mental processing.

Logic puzzles develop flexibility in thinking and executive function. The best brain teasers for kids are developmentally appropriate as well as fun and challenging. They are a necessary part of enriching a child’s education and brain function.

Below, you will find some of the best and most challenging brain teasers for kids. They are listed by price, from the most affordable to the most expensive one.

1. Daily Puzzle

a Thinkfun Daily Puzzle game for kids. One of the best brain teasers for kids.

Price: $7.50

Daily Puzzle is a brain-teaser game that is best done at the start of each day. The goal is to arrange tiles from the six double-sided tiles for the month and four double-sided tiles for the day on a puzzle tray to display what day it is.

This is an excellent brain teaser for kids that teaches them about months and dates while challenging the brain to arrange tiles in the correct order. It’s especially useful for starting the day with something educational and fun. It doesn’t cost much and provides 365 days of fun.

2. Adams Cube

a red and blue ThinkFun Adams Cube

Price: $9.99

The Adams Cube is a six-in-one brain teaser that features a cube with six puzzles. Each face contains a different puzzle. Kids work to arrange the five pieces on a face of the cube to complete the puzzle. Components can be stored neatly inside the cube when no one is using these brain teasers for kids.

While it is recommended for children 8 and up, kids who are at least 5 can challenge themselves with this fun puzzle. For under $10, you can purchase a brain-teaser toy that will help develop logical thinking and problem-solving.

3. Fidgitz

a ThinkFun Fidgitz Twisty Brainteaser box

Price: $9.99

Fidgitz is one of the newest brain teasers for kids on the market, and it is a fidget toy. This three-dimensional piece rotates and twists for hours of stimulating engagement. The goal is to get one side blue and the other side white. While it seems easy at first glance, it is surprisingly difficult to arrange the balls.

This brain-teaser fidget is a unique piece that will deliver hours of brain-challenging fun. It is listed as being for ages 8 and up, but kids as young as 5 could use it. Fidgitz is a toy that is designed to boost visual perception, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. It is priced at $9.99, so it will not break the bank.

4. Visual Brainstorms

the box and a pile of cards of the Visual Brainstorms brain teasers for kids

Price: $14.00

Visual Brainstorms features challenging brain teasers for kids to boost critical-thinking skills, logic, abstract thinking, and deductive reasoning. This set comes with 100 brain-teaser cards that are beautifully illustrated.

This set is about $14, and it has the power to entertain and challenge kids for dozens of hours. Visual Brainstorms is a must-have brain teaser for kids 8 and up and elementary classrooms.

5. Back Spin

a white box of the Back Spin puzzle game

Price: $14.99

Brain teasers for kids do not have to be purely based on orally communicated puzzles. Back Spin is an award-winning puzzle that features two sides on a disc. The goal is to scramble the colored balls and then get them back into their matching slots.

While this seems simple, it can challenge children ages 8  and up as well as adults. This brain teaser costs $14.99, and it is infinitely valuable for developing young brains.

6. Block by Block

the pieces and cardboard box of the ThinkFun Block By Block game for kids

Price: $14.99

Block by Block is a set of brain teasers for kids that work on spatial problem-solving skills to boost brain function in developing brains. The goal of this brain teaser is to construct the images shown on a card using the blocks in the set.

Block by Block comes with seven pieces and 60 cards for hours of brain-teasing fun. These puzzles were originally created in the 1970s, and they are tough for all ages over5five. The challenging Block by Block puzzle is fun and affordable.

7. Shape by Shape

the pieces and the cardboard box of the ThinkFun Shape By Shape game for kids

Price: $14.99

Shape by Shape is a brain-teaser puzzle that focuses on spatial organization and shapes. It is great for younger kids starting at age 5, and it has 60 puzzle possibilities to engage in thinking and reasoning. This brain teaser is especially easy to travel with for educational stimulation anywhere you go.

It keeps kids busy and boosts brain function in the process. Shape by Shape is about $14.99 from most retailers. This puzzle is popular in classrooms and gifted-education programs because it is effective and provides excellent stimulation inside and outside of a classroom setting.

8. Shape Logic

the pieces and the purple box of the Shape Logic Board Game for kids

Price: $19.99

If you are trying to incorporate STEM concepts into your child’s educational games, then Shape Logic is the perfect solution. This brain-teaser puzzle develops reasoning skills, logic, mathematical understanding, and creative thinking.

Your future engineer or programmer will love this brain teaser because it encourages confidence with puzzles that have increasing difficulty instead of starting off with a high level of difficulty. Shape Logic is best for ages 8 and up, but kids as young as 6 can benefit from the beginning levels of the puzzle. It retails for $19.99, which makes it a medium-priced product.

9. A-Ha! Brain Teaser Kit

the white, green, and blue box of the A Ha! Brainteaser Kit game for kids

Price: $22.29

Brain teasers for kids can be set up in varying stages with the A-Ha! Brain Teaser Kit. This kit comes with eight stages for a classroom or even your own home. Each stage encourages logical thinking and problem solving that can be repeated as often as desired.

This challenging kit boosts brain function by teaching your child to use social skills. It involves working with a partner. Furthermore, it boosts deductive reasoning and so much more. This kit is affordable, and it is sure to excite young minds. It is best for kids who are at least 8 years old.

Summing It Up

Brain teasers for kids are so much fun that they won’t realize they are boosting their brain function and learning valuable skills that will follow them through life. Gifted-education programs often use these puzzles because they are effective and backed by research.

Still, you can use them as part of a home-education program or just for enjoyment during travel or school breaks. A variety of brain puzzles will provide children with options and a balance of skills required to solve them successfully.

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