Learning your ABCs is no small feat when you’re just a little kid, suddenly being confronted with the elements of formal education. ABC games for kids and toddlers are a fun and easy way to speed up this process, and practicing them shouldn’t just be reserved for little kids who are just learning. Older kids — up to the 5th grade — can continue to play such games for as long as they want to. Practicing has never hurt anyone, and since the top ABC games for kids which you can find online have many values beyond spelling; they can also help with vocabulary, typing speed and so on.

How to Optimally Use ABC Games for Kids

Let’s clear up some facts about ABC games for kids, see what teachers and school experts have to say about their use, and then proceed to a few recommendations. First of all, some parents are concerned about the use of video games if their children are quite young (toddlers or pre-k). Some studies seem to argue for the brain boosting powers of these games, some of them argue for the dangers of video game playing. So, should toddlers play video games or not? The answer is yet, with a few amendments. Video games designed specifically for toddlers and pre-kindergarteners are safe and quite useful only if the recommended game time amounts are observed.

starfall abc games for kids

Caption from the Starfall ABC game

So, what’s the recommended time?

Children around 3 years old and up to kindergarten, any video game sessions should ideally not be longer than 20 minutes and not more than 40 minutes per day (two sessions, therefore). Those children who are already in school, a game session can be 40 minutes long and total an hour for the 1st grade, adding 10 minutes extra for each grade past the first. For example a child enrolled in the 3rd grade can safely play for 1 hour and 20 minutes per day, to keep the positive effects strong and to not trigger any detrimental effects (only associated with excessive gaming).

Then, you should also consider the educational value of games. ABC games obviously are useful in teaching kids the letters of the alphabet, some spelling and perhaps even some general knowledge of various fields. Therefore, the use of these games is useful and highly recommended, because if a kid is having fun while learning something, they will learn it easier, faster, and without it feeling like yet another chore. But you should keep your kids away from games that don’t have much of an educational value, especially while they are still very young.

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Our Top ABC Games for Kids Picks

Below you will find all of our picks:


A popular resource page (and very well-organized) for you to get started with is ABC Ya. Their ABC games for kids are organized by the child’s age group, having suggestions for pre-k, kindergarten, and for the grades 1st through the 5th. The games themselves are enjoyable, nicely colored and with pretty music (which is important because any child will eventually get tired of just hearing the famous but oh so used ABC song.) The games are free to play online directly on the website.

PBS Kids

Another excellent resource for ABC games for kids of all ages comes from PBS Kids. These are also free to play and feature cute animal characters that need help with various tasks, and the only way to help is, of course, to solve some ABC requests. There’s also the fun and adventurous games where time pressure becomes a factor, such as Alpha Bricks, or Letters to Big Bird which has you snooping around the shelves of a big bird to read their letters (a funny one, this game’s concept, don’t you think?)

ABC Games Kids

Last, but not least, you should also check out the games from http://www.abcgameskids.com/. They are the continuers of a previously popular site with ABC games for kids, which many parents may still remember, www.abc games for kids.com. Their playful and colorful game options are one of the best ABC learning tools out there. Their main page is also entirely something to behold: it has plenty of wonderful visuals that will leave your kid eager and wondering just what corner of the picture to explore next (almost each object of the drawing is a button that leads to a game once it’s clicked).

abc games for kids

That’s about it, these were our main picks for the best ABC games for kids currently available online for free. Don’t forget to also listen to the recommendations of your child’s teacher; if the kid is used to a particular game in school or kindergarten, it’s probably useful to encourage them to continue playing the same thing at home. Sure, you can still allow them to play something else once they get bored, but a bit of consistency always helps in learning. Also, don’t forget that there are also plenty of other educational games which can benefit children of these ages, targeting other subjects than ABCs: math games, English vocabulary games, science learning games and so on.

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