Teaching Spanish to kids is easier, and more fun, than you imagined. You can give your child all of the advantages of being bilingual, even if you aren’t yourself. We have put together a list of the best, free, methods of teaching kids Spanish. You already know that it would be a great idea, so why not start today?

Learning a second language helps kids perform better on standardized tests, develop higher cognitive skills, develop reading skills, and a whole host of other benefits. Spanish is a great second language in the U.S. because there are so many people who speak it. Spanish is rapidly becoming a highly valuable language in the job market, and it makes travel much easier. So teaching Spanish to kids can be extremely useful.

Learning Spanish can be difficult. But if kids are having fun, they’ll love learning to speak a second language. When it comes to timing, you just need to make sure that they already know how to read. Here are ten methods of teaching Spanish to kids the fun way.

10 Fun Ways of Teaching Spanish to Kids

Below, you will find ten great ways to teach kids Spanish.

1. DuoLingo

Duolingo.com is a free online program that teaches people of all ages to read, speak, and write fluently in a myriad of foreign languages. This innovative program allows you to work at your own pace and takes a lot of the feelings of frustration out of the learning process.

Their genius design sets up each language program like a game where the learner gets points for completing each lesson. It also tracks your progress moment by moment. Duolingo makes learning Spanish fun and a little addictive. Your kids will be conversational in no time.

2. Spanish Cartoons

Start showing your children Spanish cartoons with English subtitles even before they can read. They will pick up Spanish words and phrases as they watch. When they’re old enough to read, they’ll be able to understand more and more and pick up Spanish faster.

This method of teaching Spanish to kids works best when used with other means. But it can make a world of difference.

3. Spanish and English Stories

Find books or online stories in both English and Spanish. Together, read the story in English, and then re-read the story in Spanish. Over time, your child will learn to understand the Spanish story just as well as its English counterpart.

You can find stories written in English and Spanish at online stores such as amazon.com, or for free online.

4. Picture Translation

One great game for teaching Spanish to kids is by playing Picture Translation. Print off pictures of everyday things and cut them into cards. Stack the cards and a deck and have each person draw a picture. Then, encourage them to say the Spanish word for the thing in the picture.

If they can name it without help, they get the point. Also, if they need assistance the person who helped them gets the point. Whoever has the most points at the ends wins.

5. Kid Songs In Spanish

Music is a powerful teaching tool. Fun kids songs like the ones available online can help your child learn things like the days of the week, colors, phrases, and other things while having fun singing along.

6. Spanish Teaching Online Games

There are a lot of free online games that can help your child learn Spanish. These games are designed to help your child explore verbs, nouns, colors, vocabulary building. They also teach Spanish grammar rules without the frustration of a traditional lesson.

Online games are perfect for teaching Spanish to kids while helping them relax and have fun.

7. Cultural Cooking Exploration

Have a Cultural Cooking Exploration night as part of your routine. On Cultural Cooking Exploration nights, take the time to learn about a Spanish speaking country, together read a recipe from that culture and make it. As you cook, use Spanish words from the recipe, and talk about the culture of that country as you eat.

Not only are these nights ideal for teaching Spanish to kids, but it is also a wonderful way to learn about different places, cultures, and ideas. Besides, it’s a chance for the whole family to bond.

8. 3 Part Spanish Vocabulary Puzzles

3 Part Spanish Vocabulary Puzzles: kids translate a Spanish word into an English word and associate both words with an image. These puzzles are designed to help your child make connections to English and visuals in their mind.

They are perfect for building Spanish vocabulary, and they are fun for kids to put together.

9. Favorite Movies in Spanish

Have your kids watch their favorite movies in Spanish once in a while. By watching familiar movies in Spanish, your children will learn new words as they watch and listen. They already know the storyline by heart. But hearing it in Spanish will help them acquire new words and see their favorite shows in a whole new light.

This method is great for helping your children take their relaxation time and turn it into extra learning time.

10. A Spanish Calendar

Together with your kids, create a monthly Spanish Calendar. Print off a blank calendar. Then together, fill in the name of the month, the days of the week, and count off the numbers of the days in Spanish. Then, write down all the things you have scheduled on your calendar in Spanish. If you need to add things later, remember to talk about them and say the appointment in Spanish.

When you’ve completed your calendar, talk about what kind of weather you can expect for that month. Describe the weather using Spanish and English words at first. But, as the child becomes more fluent use less and less English. Spanish Calendars are great for teaching Spanish to kids while also teaching kids how to create a schedule, recognize months, days, weeks, and years, and discussing time.

To the First Lesson

Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience for you or your kids. Get creative and include Spanish learning in your day to day lives, and let it be fun.

Do you know of another fun way of teaching Spanish to kids? Share it with us in the comments.


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