A love of reading will serve them well: but how to teach kids to read? We have put together the best tips, tricks, and resources for parents who want to make a really positive impact on their kid’s future. Reading opens the doors to a whole new world of information, and we’ve got the key.

Learning to read is a major step in a child’s growth and development. Reading allows children to learn in new ways, find new adventures, and navigate their world. However, many kids think that this task is frustrating, overwhelming, and even dull. So at times it may be difficult to discover how to teach kids to read.

If a child can find a way to love the journey toward literacy, they will learn faster and develop positive feelings toward reading and learning. Here’s how to teach kids to read and enjoy it.

8 Ideas to Help You How to Teach Kids to Read

1. Rhyme Games

Learning how to rhyme is shown to help children develop speaking, reading, and writing skills. You can teach your child how to rhyme by playing simple games as young as three years old.

One simple game you can play anywhere is Rhyme Off. You can play with as many people as you like. Come up with a start word like Cat. Then, everyone takes a person coming up with a new word to rhyme with the start word. Go until you run out of words.

2. Letter Adventures

The old flash card method of learning letters and sounds can be frustrating for kids. Instead, try a more hands-on approach. Pick a letter and go on an adventure to find things that begin with that letter. As you find things, write them down together. At the end of the adventure, look at the list and see how many words you can sound out together.

Another variation of this game is to choose a letter and then walk around a store, your home, or a mall and see how many places you can see the letter in signs, labels, book titles, magazine covers, and so on. When you find it, read the sign together. This method is not only how to teach kids to read, but it is also a method on how to teach them to spell, and pay attention to details.

3. Read to Your Child

By taking the time to read to your child out loud every day, you are providing them with a vital head-start in language development, vocabulary, and literary skills. As your child gets more and more familiar with words, try putting them on your lap and reading the book together pointing at the words as you read slowly. See if your child can identify any words on their own as they gain confidence in reading. Soon, they’ll be reading the story to you instead.

Not only does reading to your child help them develop language and literacy skills, but it is a beautiful opportunity to bond and make simple happy memories. Those memories can help your child to cherish books and love reading. You can begin the process with a comic book that is also fun.

4. Educational Television

PBS has a lot of entertaining and educational programs focused on helping your child develop reading skills. Make reading focused cartoons and television shows part of your child’s TV time. This is how to teach kids to read without them even know they’re doing it.

It is very low-stress, and the child can sit and enjoy the learning process. Not to mention the fact that you get a little time to relax while they enjoy their shows.

5. Reading Based Computer Games

If your kid loves computer games, you’re in luck. There are hundreds of free computer games online designed to teach your child reading skills.

This is how to teach kids to read while disguising the lesson as a reward.

6. Library Trips

Take frequent trips to the library and let your child pick out age-appropriate books to read together. Talk to your child about their book selections. Show an interest in the books they chose and ask them what inspired them to select those books. After you finish reading one of their selected books, talk about what they liked and did not like about the story.

Allowing your child to make their book selections will help motivate them to listen to the story. Talking about their choices helps them pay attention to their reading interests. Consequently, this can help them recognize what kinds of stories they like. Discussing a story after reading it together helps a child develop key comprehension skills. All around, library trips are how to teach kids to read and love stories.

7. See and Write

Learning to write capital and lowercase letters can help them recognize them which is a major part of reading. An easy way to get kids started is by teaching them to write their name. Write their name at the top of a blank piece of paper. Let them watch you write it out. Then, put a crayon in their hand and together, trace over the letters of their name. Have them trace the letters on their own to practice the motion.

After this, hold their hand and help them write their name on a blank space on the page. Once they have a feel for the movement, let them try it on their own. When they’ve mastered their name, you can do this activity with any word or letter.

8. Letters in the Mail

Kids love getting letters in the mail. Inspire them to read and write by setting up a letter correspondence with a neighbor, a friend, or a family member. Your child will love getting letters from their pen pal. Moreover, they will quickly feel motivated to read them on their own.

Help your child learn how to write back to keep the pen pal friendship going. This is how to teach kids to read and write. But this is also an excellent way to teach kids to reach out and make friends.

Opening the Book

Teaching your children to read can be a lot of fun. Let reading be a journey of exploration, great stories, and bonding time. This way, your child will develop reading mastery in no time.

Do you know of some other great ways to teach kids to read? Tell us in the comments below.

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